EA Sports MMA Serves Up Four Courses Of Pain

Having seen it at GDC, Totilo gave us his impressions of EA Sports MMA yesterday. Today, EA Sports released a batch of 16 screens. How about that ballroom setting? Nothing like fine dining while two guys pound each other senseless.

I'll confess to being a neophyte at MMA, so the combatants aren't very familiar to me and I can't speak for the accuracy of the facial modelling or anything. The tattoos, assuming they're accurate, are particularly nice. But seriously, what is up with No. 1? I didn't even know Strikeforce staged boxing-ring events. At least they back it the hell away from the supper club so nobody gets blood on their Caesar salad.


    EA MMA isn't just a Strikeforce game. The boxing rings are a nod to some MMA promotions (especially Japanese ones) that use boxing rings instead of cages.

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