EA Sports MMA Vs UFC: "Now It's A Fight"

Electronic Arts may be a little late to the mixed martial arts game, but its first effort, EA Sports MMA, may win over fans who don't find what they're looking for in THQ's UFC Undisputed. Is EA already too late?

With its "late 2010" ship date, EA Sports MMA might have a difficult time catching up to UFC Undisputed 2010's fan base. The Yuke's and THQ-developed follow up to last year's UFC mega-hit hits the streets in May. But EA Sports MMA looks fantastic - as evidenced in the new "Now It's A Fight" trailer below - and with the EA marketing machine behind it, we may have a contest on our hands.


    The striking game in that trailer looks nice and fluid, as we've come to expect from the FN engine. The fighter models are starting to look better than the old screenshots, too. But aside from the takedowns, the ground game still looks as horribly wooden and UFC Undisputed 2009 did. At least this will be a decent base for an EA MMA franchise.

    I remain shocked that EA haven't shown off any female fighters yet, and don't appear to be going after them, it's the one section of the market they can easily nab without too much fear of competition since UFC doesn't feature them, so the UFC license THQ has won't really do anything to provide a stronger brand for consumers with regards to female fighters.

    Plus, there's the fact gamers have already been introduced to Gina Carano through Red Alert 3.

    HOLY SHIT, looks better than the ufc game already...

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