Erectin' A (Fan-Made) Team Fortress 2 Engineer Update

Yup, more fan-made Team Fortress 2 improvements, this time for the Engineer, and from the same talented guy who brought us the TF2 attack dogs.

And I mean improvements, plural. He's gone to town dreaming up new gizmos for multiplayer shooter TF2's more lovable support class, with items ranging from the "Amplifier" (like Uber, only from an Engineer) to a flying turret to the Dooms Day Device, a massive magnet that expands its range before imploding, and then exploding.

More bright ideas are coming in the next week or so, but if you'd like to see what's already there, hit the link below.

[TF2 Engineer Update]


    This man is a genius.

    I hope he sends some of this to Valve via the Contribute! site.

    He may not be able to dictate the abilities per se, but it is still possible for him to get them in game!

    This guy is so going to get hired by Valve.

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