Even EA Thinks Infinity Ward Vs Activision Is “Disappointing”

Even EA Thinks Infinity Ward Vs Activision Is “Disappointing”

The shit-canning of Infinity Ward leads Jason West and Vince Zampella and the ensuing litigation that followed isn’t just disappointing to Activision and Call of Duty fans, it’s also a total bum out for high level Electronic Arts execs.

EA chief operating officer John Schappert weighed in on the Infinity Ward vs Activision debacle at GDC today, expressing his personal disappointment with the ongoing legal mess. Why, exactly, is Mr Schappert so unhappy about West and Zampella’s current pickle?

“Now they’re spending their future dealing with litigation and lawyers rather than crafting the next great experience,” Schappert bemoaned. “I don’t think that’s a win for them. I don’t think it’s a win for the industry. I think that’s disappointing. I hope that they find a way to make games and focus on that during this period.”

But wait! John had more personal disappointment to get off his chest.

“The other disappointing thing is, rivalries aside, Modern Warfare 2 is a great game,” the COO said. “It’s a great franchise and, you know, putting my consumer industry ‘fan hat’ on, to think that there could be some challenges with what’s the future of that franchise.

“It doesn’t feel like anyone wins when it gets to the point that it’s gotten to.”

Schappert also had some positive things to say about the Infinity Ward founders. “I feel bad for Vince and Jason and the franchise itself because they’re great leaders and it’s a great franchise for our industry,” he said.

Activision reportedly suspects the former Infinity Ward senior employees of courting other publishers, including EA, so there’s plenty of disappointment to go around.

On the lighter side, Schappert made a crack about Activision seeing “their legal team as a source of revenue,” which is funny because it’s true. Maybe.


    • It feels weird. Not hating EA, I mean. They are doing good things on occasion. They are making games that aren’t entirely about screwing the consumer out of as many dollars as possible.

      I’m so confused.

      • It’s good to see them redeeming themselves. In my eyes they’ve done a LOT of good with their support of Bioware. Their support of Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2’s Cerberus network is insanely good. They went through a bad spate of over 10 years, 15 maybe… but I’m glad they’re finally learning. This isn’t a whole bucket of forgiveness I’m pouring on them, oh no, I’m still wary, but I’m happier with them at the moment than a whoooole lot of other companies.

        *hugs* EA, we can, at long last, be friends again.

    • While they’ve put on a good show recently I’d say EA are still plenty evil. It’s more or less a prerequisite for being a publisher. They’re just currently overshadowed by Activision’s cartoonish super-villainy.

      This isn’t about good or evil though, this is just EA taking the chance to put the boot into their biggest competitor.

      • I have to disagree. EA have supported a lot of new IP’s and studios.

        New IP’s
        Mirrors Edge
        Dead Space
        Mass effect
        Dragon Age
        Brutal Legend

        They also did the Warhammer MMO

        They are putting a lot of effort into new fresh games. Infact so much so that I still havent got a Rugby Union game this gen. Who wouldve thought that im trolling forums asking when EA are releasing a sports game 🙁

        Go EA 🙂 …for now, until they turn evil again.

        Activision are the hight of evil right now. They have guitar hero and call of duty. Thats pretty much it. I am ashamed that blizzard are affiliated.

  • “I don’t think that’s a win for them. I don’t think it’s a win for the industry. I think that’s disappointing. I hope that they find a way to make games and focus on that during this period.”

    Of course, you’d rather have him make publishers a butload more cash, than fight for their rights as developers, therefore inspiring current developers to work harder and not notice all the terrible working conditions and missing pay.

    • He just hopes they find a way to do make games with EA.

      Personally, I hope they go to Microsoft.*

      *It’s weird that Microsoft aren’t the most evil empire anymore either.

    • So the sacking of two of the most important people behind Call of Duty and Modern Warfare aren’t enough to cast doubt over the franchises?

      Call of Duty titles may never be the same again despite what anyone says.

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