Ex-Con Exec: Sony Should Leave The Game Business

At one time, Takafumi Horie was the most powerful man in Japan. Now, he's not. He does have a lot of followers on Twitter.

The Tokyo University dropout headed up internet portal Livedoor and attempted to not only buy an Osaka baseball team, but also carry out a hostile takeover of a major Japanese television network and create a space tourism company.

In 2005, the outspoken Horie ran for political office - something I covered firsthand. After being arrested for securities fraud in 2006, Horie, who is known as "Horiemon" in Japan, was sent to jail for two-and-a-half years. Around the time he got out of prison, Horie mentioned that he had purchased a PlayStation 3, but later, he would go on to say that Sony should sell its game division to Microsoft because the console market is high risk, high return.

Back when Horie was a billionaire information technology exec, he was thinking about trying to take over Sony, too. In his latest book, Horie apparently once again declares, "Sony should leave the game business."

Imagine a world with only Xbox 360 and Wii consoles. Sony, advice from a convicted white collar criminal!

ホリエモン、4月に世直し問答集を出版! [RBB TODAY via オレ的ゲーム速報@刃][Pic]



    i think he should leave the "living" business. imagine how many people would quit gaming if sony ditched their consoles? i'd be one of them. ye, i have all this gen consoles. but, i only use 1 of them.

      People wouldn't game if it wasn't for Sony? Are sub-par multiformat games on PS3 really that amazing?

      I'd imagine the only people who would ditch gaming would be rabid fanboys... and that would last a total of 2 weeks, before they grow some nads and go buy another console.

      Yeah well if they left then since MS would have no real competition(wii is in its own league) and it would just end up like computers did with everyone despising MS

      There has to be competition for the consoles to keep going

      otherwise why bother with hardware at all just make it that every 5 yrs the base specs of a PC must = XX to play new games

      Which removes peoples whole overexagerated i need to upgrade every 2 weeks to be able to play games on PC and it costs way more

      Im sorry you bought 2 Video game consoles and a PC for internets and what not im pretty sure in the long run if ud just had a good computer youd have saved money(plus PC games are cheaper)

    i have said this all along

    lol Sony should leave the videogame business? Sony actually does tremendously well from their gaming division, why on earth would they decide that? lol hilarious comment. If anyone should leave, it's microsoft, they just don't have the right approach to supporting the gaming industry as a whole. At least Nintendo and Sony work hand in hand in their own way to support developers, and up the anti in their own way. Not just throw money around, and use highly anti competitive practices to strangle the competition.

    If that actually happened, I wouldn't stop playing videogames, I would however stop console gaming. 360, well, I can only count the games that interest me exclusive to that system on 1 hand. The Wii, doesn't even come close to a fulfilling game experience for this generation for me.

    And to the person talking about subpar multiplatform games on ps3, they all are compared to exclusives on ANY console.

      Fanboy fanboy!

        ? I put together well reasoned arguments, and provided criticism to microsoft and microsoft alone. Do you think they're beyond my comments and that they hold no weight? I don't hold a grudge to anything but my console of choice. I don't have anything against the 360 as a system, my beef is with the COMPANY. They act exactly the same, in no matter what arena it is.

    sony wont make a PS4.. every one already knows this.

    by the time the ps3 is outdated people will just stream/download games.

    You know the GT5 delay? well remember when sony was saying it might come to a PSN on the PC.. well if u ask me that's why it was delayed. ps3 consoles are selling this is true.. but their games arnt

    If they made a PS360 i'd be happy.

    C'mon, someone try to tell me that'd be a bad idea. Then again, those 7 year olds on XBL will have to be dealt with...

    I think we should get more context behind this quote in his book, perhaps the whole paragraph and not just a sentence, in case we're misinterpreting something here.

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