Eyeball-Controlled Pong Could Be Breakthrough For Disabled Gamers

Engineering students in London have developed a controller that enables eye-controlled movements in a video game, signaling the possibility someday for people with severe physical disabilities to enjoy video games for the first time.

The students, from Imperial College London, constructed the controller as a pair of glasses containing an infrared light and a webcam to record the movements of one eye. That camera was linked to a laptop, where a program the students had written synchronised the player's eye movements to the game - in this case, a version of Pong.

The students and their faculty supervisor think the technology is proof of concept for creating more complex eye-controlled games, while also enabling eye control of wheelchairs or cursors on a computer screen.

The best part? It was constructed for a thousandth of the cost of current state-of-the-art eye movement technology. The students' rig cost roughly £25 to make. High end eye movement systems for use in brain research cost about £27,000.

Imperial College London News Release


    first the poor buggers are disabled and now they gotta be stuck playing pong?!

    how about some eye controlled BC2?

      Eyeball-controlled Predator strike for the disabled ?

    Very nice. Hopefully they progress much further in the future.

    This looks a lot like EyeWriter (www.eyewriter.org)

    that's a tremendous step forward! great work!

    Big problem is that in most games you have to look at one thing while moving other things around. Will be tricky to implement but it is good to see some research being done to make cheaper solutions available. Eye tracking systems are available now for a lot less the 27000 quid though. A decent PC system is about $2,000.

    Aside from just gaming opportunities for the disabled,(I hope I'm not the only one that thought of this) what if this method was used for communication?-Like typing out words on the screen using just the eyes.
    I think that would be an even bigger breakthrough for those that are in an almost vegetable-like state or are paralyzed and cannot communicate. It could save a lot of lives. Those disabled and suffering people can then determine for themselves if they want the plug to be pulled.
    I hope this new breakthrough can be used for something like this and not just for gaming.

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