F.3.A.R.: They're Really Calling It That?

The third entry in Monolith Productions' F.E.A.R. franchise may be getting its big reveal in the next month, as foretold by a teaser in an unnamed Spanish language gaming magazine. The supposed name of that game? F.3.A.R.

Carrying on the proud tradition of replacing numbers for letters, as popularised by games like Driv3r, Wip3out and Thi4f, F.3.A.R. has long been rumoured to be in the works, further extending the horrific tale of Alma and her offspring, the Point Man. The teaser image posted to NeoGAF doesn't offer much in the way of details on what the third proper F.E.A.R. game would bring with it other than foetuses of mass destruction and grizzled looks, but it does hint at more information hitting next month.

We reached out to Warner Bros reps who declined to comment about the image or the possibility of one more F.E.A.R., but it certainly looks like we're due for more.

F3AR revealed.Yes, it's named F3AR, so original. [NeoGAF]


    Fear 2 wasn't bad, but it was leagues behind the original. A good sequel please!

    Also, what happened to Thief 4? (I refuse to call it that stupid, nonsensical name)

    Oh yeah, bring on the point man.

    the next one will probably be called "F.E.4.R"

      You're hired!


        Also... lame. Though I guess using the word Fear and making it an acronym for the squad was always kinda lame anyway.

      Whipping a dead horse, I know, but:
      5.E.A.R or F.E.A.R.5 (FEARS)

    Ahaha, the guy with long hair on the left looks kinda like Brian Crecente if he put on his Kratos face!

    I can see it now.....

    The 1337 Chapters lol

    Meh...I didn't play FEAR 2 for some reason even though I was a huge fan of the first. The demo felt very uninspired and it wasn't even by the same developers... I'll check this out, but I don't know.

      I felt EXACTLY the same way. Trust me, the demo was a TERRIBLE introduction to FEAR 2. It takes at least 4 completely unrelated segments of the game and shoehorns them in together to try and show off how cool and action-y the game is, completely missing the point of FEAR (and FEAR 2), the extremely tense quiet bits interspersed with horror and action.

      I bought it on Steam when it was on sale once, and I can happily say it is FAR, FAR BETTER than the demo suggests. It remains true to its FEAR roots, and will have you whimpering "it's too quiet...!" just like the original did.

    Monolith... just stop it. No more fear games please. We've had enough. Make another Blood, a game that is infinatly better than what fear could ever be

    Can't stand this Alphabet Soup bullpoopies, people think they are soooo clever.

    Just comes across as laughably dumb.

    Call it F.E.A.R. 3 like an intelligent person would.

    Is that.. Beckett with a bullet lodged in his head? Christ if that guy on the left is the Point Man without his mask on someone whack me.

    I liked his mysterious man in the mask look, proves even badasses with kung fu and slo mo can still shit their pants by getting a scare from their mothers


    Fear 2 has the dubious honour of being one of the only games to have the protagonist raped by the antagonist as a climax (snicker).

    I really didnt like FEAR 2, the scares were too watered down to "jump out and say boo" moments, whereas the first (and Extraction Point), really got under your skin.

    FEAR 2 focused too much on the combat, and the scares suffered greatly.

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