Fable Gamers Didn't Understand Half Of Fable's Features

Slide from Game Developers Conference entitled "What if we move Fable toward an action adventure?" Presented by Fable III creative director Peter Molyneux. Note the fourth bullet point. As a result, Molyneux promises a clearer, more streamlined sequel.


    Stupid core gamers, limiting the RPG genre.... screw those guys.


    I wish companies would stop turning RPGs into Adventure games, Mass Effect 2 being the other recent game to do this.

    If you want a game to be an action/adventure game... than make it so from the start. Don't stuff arround with an existing series.

      Should we bombard Bioware with emails demanding an apology for making their sequel be greater than the first?

      Just let me know, i'll be there to help!

        I agree Bioware made the sequel superior to the first in a lot of ways.

        But plenty of RPG fans, me included, found the lack of exploration and the simplification of the loot and research mechanics to take the fun experimentation and customisation out of the game.

        That's bad.

        But you can have your choice of topping.

          I agree, and I think that people not understanding Fable 2 is kind of laughable. It felt so much like it was pointed at a casual audience, and yet it failed in that? I mean I don't really blame them too much that it was a casual game, but that statistic is pretty bad.

          As for ME2 I was quite disappointed with all the stuff they took out or dumbed down. I didn't like having to manage the inventory of my squad-mates so much, but I always wanted to choose my own guns and armour with their own upgrades.

          It would probably be a first in a game, but I kind of wish they had taken a few extra months and included an RPG complexity setting like a difficulty setting. The higher you set it the more tweaking and min maxing you could do, or the lower you put it, the simpler it becomes.

    Double Edged Sword.
    Make a game too complex, people complain that said game was too hard to play.
    Make a game too easy and people complain that its too easy and boring.

    Make a game just right, people manage to complain and say that a game doesnt come close to xxx game and that said game should be more like that.

    Then in the next iteration, you get people saying how that game was like this game, which was like this other game, and now everything is the same and one game is no different to buying another game.

      xxx BMX was a pretty good game I hear.


      System Shock had multiple difficulty settings when you started a game - difficulty of combat, influencing damage, health and availability of ammunition; difficulty of puzzles, affecting hacking, arming/disarming explosives, etc; and complexity of plot, affecting how many audio logs you found (in case the background story ones distracted you from the integral plot, or would only include the logs that had vital codes or progression information) all the way down to the hardest setting imposing a time limit on the game.

      I haven't seen many games with that capability, but I certainly enjoy it when it's included.

    shuddup molypukes.
    when people say that your games were overhyped and didnt live up to expectations, they understtod the features, just the features didnt do what you said they would.

      SO this...

    The statistic that large amounts of the audience had no understanding of most of the features is just mind boggling. It indicates a large amount of wasted development time on those features and/or an inability for the developers to point out those possibilities to gamers within the game world. Using streamlining to strip out these features is one idea, although its also possible to actually tell gamers about other features within the game. itself.

    Also, if you strip out most of the interesting features because most players ignore them, is there going to be anything left that makes Fable 3 stand apart from competing games?

      I've done Fable 1 and Fable 2. Played them both, clocked them both, enjoyed them both. More importantly, I understood them both. It's not like they're especially complex or difficult games to grasp, for me. But then, I am an experienced gamer.

      I think it says more about the audience than the developer, tbh.

      Come make me a lovely PC game, Peter, just like back in the old days when you had something as complex and insane as Black & White, yeah? <3

    You need the complexity to engage the 40% of the audience that would be pissed off if those features were not there.

      Yup. Because I know a ton of that 60% who didn't understand a lot of things still LOVED IT. I can tell you this firsthand, from my experience as a retail, game salesman.

      Don't change it too drastically, or you'll have probably more like 70%+ bitching and complaining and returning your game.

    honestly, what is there not to understand in fable 2? Seriously I'm struggling here to think about what was hidden or un-understandable?

    If they just fix the god damm load times and the clunky as hell menu I'd be happy.

    i disagree with the first comment....look at games like metroid and zelda.......i wouldnt say they're growing....but they're definitely not dead

    They already significantly dumbed down the RPG genre with fable 2, and now they're dumping it all together? Whatever, I don't even care about Fable anymore.

    Fable 1 was the shit, but it died after that.

    I think that research is either;

    A) Made up
    B) From a poll, questioning random people on the street
    Or C) Mix of above.

    Fable 1 was as simple as possible - bar the silly features which required insane amounts of luck (ie sacrificing people to get the bow).

    Fable 2 just dumbed it down to stupid levels. And removed armor - just incase that simple system confused anyone. :S

    Fable 3 - Remove weapons?

    Fable was indeed shit, and I've never come back to the franchise. And still don't plan to.

    I would be outraged by this except for the fact that I loved both Fable I and II, and I haven't seen anything to put me off III.

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