Fable III Will Have “Episodes”

Fable III Will Have “Episodes”

Upcoming Xbox 360 RPG Fable III may be following in the footsteps of its predecessor and going episodic, according to comments from the game’s creator, Peter Molyneux.

“We’ve always had a feel for Fable as a game that’s got a big story, that starts in King Arthurs time and goes through this big arc so in some ways we’re [just]playing out that, but I’ve often thought it would be brilliant to be walking through Charles Dickens’ London,” Molyneux told attendees at a SXSW panel.

“It was such a dark place and very episodic too – so we’re doing that with Fable 3, we’ll give you the first big episodes, and you’ll be able to download new episodes, which is analogous to the way Dickens wrote.”

Now, the episodic he’s talking about here isn’t the same as that employed by the recent “splitting up” of Fable II. That was a single large game broken up into several smaller pieces.

What Molyneux seems to be talking about here is that you’re given a “full” game out of the box, with several major pieces of DLC released afterwards, continuing the story.

Having just finished Mass Effect 2’s “Firewalker” pack, which feels disjointed and unfulfilling once you’ve finished the main storyline, it’s an approach that seems to have a lot more merit than the current norm of simply adding new, random missions or quests.

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  • LOL. way to milk us even more.


    so, full RRP for the game disk then pay us more for extras which we already have finished upon game release.

    • Although in this case i think the developer is ripping us off…..i mean wtf a full game but the story is finished until i pay for DLC?????

      Its wrong to generalize in saying that ALL DLC is a rip off, but i do think alot of its Overpriced!

  • I don’t see any problem with DLC so long as they don’t take anything away from the original game to make it. You have the choice as to whether or not you want to pay extra for it, you can judge if its worth the money.

  • Yeah, DLC is starting to get ridiculous. Charging us full price for a game that’s half done, then paying extra to get the rest of it ie, Assassin’s Creed 2, where you had to buy the DLC in order complete the DNA memory sequence.

    As long as the original game is complete, with out any mention of ‘Buy DLC to enter/complete this area’, then I’m fine. Otherwise it’s just money-grabbing.

  • All this DLC furore makes me wish they’d had it back when KOTOR 2 was released. While it’s no excuse for releasing an icomplete game, (which has only recently been completed by fans) if bioware had been able to focus on the core elements, like the ENDING (sorry, still a raw point) and leave other areas for polishing later, they could have released on time and still completed the game.
    DLC doesn’t have to be the enemy, unless you’re paying for something that should have been in the game originally.

    • There is a fan made complete ending if your ever interested in finishing KOTOR 2, its still in beta but worth checking out, its made by team gizka.

  • I just dont think theyve actually got to a point where paying for dlc is worth it in my opinion, personally for me for $10 i’d expect around 2 hours of gameplay.

    • To be fair, most games in Australia cost 80-110 dollars, meaning that you expect 16-22 hours of gameplay per game, which doesn’t usually happen.

      This sounds like the DLC is a half-as-long sequel, which for $20 AUD isn’t too bad.

      However, it’s Molyneux, so it could very well be 7 quests of minimal importance that cost $15 AUD each that only serve to advertise lies about Fable IV.

      And as for what Neb said: I agree entirely. There should never be in game ads for the expansions or DLC, it’s sickening and takes away from gameplay, which was always one of my major problems with the Sims 2.

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