Fallen Earth Lands On The Mac

Somehow the Mac went from gaming afterthought to everyone's favourite platform in the span of a week. Now the MMO Fallen Earth is Mac compatible, beginning with today's Beta release of the game.

Icarus Studios, the co-developers of Fallen Earth, have put together a Mac-compatible xScape platform, built on the open source software Wine. A statement from Icarus said the new platform allows "players to connect to the same live server as PC users with game features optimised for their resident operating system".

For optimal play, Mac users will need an Intel-based Mac, running Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) or later, with at least 2 gigs of RAM and a video card with 256MB of RAM. There's more info inside this FAQ.

Icarus Studios Launches Macintosh Compatible MMO Platform [Official Site]


    Just because it's been ported to a system, doesn't mean it'll be played. :P Especially er... this game.

    As MAC's are essentially just PC hardware with Mac OS wrapped around them these days it's not exactly suprising.

    User base still isn't anywhere near as large as the windows platform but I guess publishers finally decided they could turn a profit on the Mac platform.

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