Fat Princess Travels To Candy Mountain

Patch 1.05 for Titan Studios' hit PlayStation Network game Fat Princess goes live today, bringing with it two new maps - Frost Bite and Candy Mountain - the latter of which is a land of sweets, and joy and joyness.

Candy Mountain, Candy Mountain, fill me with sweet sugary goodness! I can't imagine a more appropriate name for one of the two new maps coming free to Fat Princess with today's patch. It just seems like the sort of place a fat princess would hang out, doesn't it?

The new maps almost make up for the fact that the patch changes the level one area attack for ice mages from an attack that freezes enemies to one that merely slows them, as well as disabling online score saving for the Soccer map in order to keep people from gaining rank too easily.

All will be completely forgiven if the Candy Mountain map has a kidney-removing cave on it.

And just in case you're missing the references, go here.



    Oh know..... worst reference ever.... :O I can't stand that annoying damn horse.... :O

      Shun the non-believer!!!

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