FFXIII Director Wants To Remake Final Fantasy VII

Here we go again! Final Fantasy developer Square Enix continuing mentioning "Final Fantasy VII" and "remake" in the same breath.

Previously, Final Fantasy VII character designer mentioned the prospects of a FFVII remake, and then FFVII game director Yoshinori Kitase mentioned how he was never tired of answering questions about FFVII remakes. Now?

When asked by game site Siliconera which game FFXIII director Motomu Toriyama would want to remake, he replied, "That would be Final Fantasy VII!"

"If we had the manpower and the time to work on a project, if we were to remake Final Fantasy VII with the quality of Final Fantasy XIII it would become a tremendous project," Toriyama continued. "If we can get the number of people we need by all means that would be the one I would really want to remake."

In 2006, Square Enix released a "technical demo" depicting Final Fantasy VII as it would look in the PlayStation 3. The game was originally released on the PlayStation 1 in 1997.

Final Fantasy XIII Director Answers Your FFXIII [Siliconera via VG247]


    Hmmm, sounds wicked if they can pull it off.

    High hopes...totally

    FFXIV really should just be FFVII remade. It makes sense for so many good reasons:

    1. 7*2=14

    2.FFXIV will probably be boring and crap if it is anything OTHER than an FFVII remake!

      Your logic is profound and fault-less.
      I salute you.

    if they remade it with the quality of FF13 i would rather them not bother

    just wait, they will announce a remake soon, at latest i would say this year TGS - Next year E3

    Dear god leave it alone, we don't need this guy auto battling up our FFVII.

    If they do it, let somebody else make it. All the game needs is a graphics update and perhaps voices, nothing else, leave the rest completely unchanged.

    How about they remake Final Fantasy VIII instead. You know, the good one.

      They'll probably do that after this one, which they WILL do eventually.
      I also liked 8 better.

        Oddly enough. i like 9 better then 8... could never get over the crap magic system in 8.

    I would be all for a FFVIII remake. Better graphics, voices, maybe some minor tweaks to the gameplay mechanics, and I wouldn't be opposed to some new non-plot-related content.

    Dear GOD I am SICK of hearing about FF VII! News flash people...IT WASN'T THAT GOOD! Seriously why do people keep coming back to this game?!? And you can't answer with just "THE STORY IS AMAZING OMG LOL!" cause that's SHIT! Give me specifics as to why this game is so goddamn monumental! Silence and stupid answers will be taken as agreement with my above statment.

      Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean the rest of the world can't. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, and how about you give a detailed explanation of why the game wasn't that good, if you're asking for a detailed justification of why it is?

      It was the first proper game to be released on the PS1 AFAIK, so it was the first to get the 3D graphics make over. In 1997, FFVII had some of the best graphics in it's cut scenes.

      Or maybe you know, people just like the game, because it appeals to them in a great many ways that couldn't really be explained by words?

      Why should be have to justify to YOU, why we like FFVII? If you don't like it, then you don't like it. Obviously any amount of justification won't make you happy, so we won't waste our time to bother.

        "It was the first proper game to be released on the PS1 AFAIK, so it was the first to get the 3D graphics make over. In 1997, FFVII had some of the best graphics in it’s cut scenes."

        "first proper game"
        "3D graphics make over"
        "some of the best graphics in it’s cut scenes"

        What? Are you being serious?

        The PS1's ability to render 3D "Graphics"(I think you mean objects) is what gave us good ol' Box-Hands McLow-Res Texture Face Cloud. On the other hand it's the extra storage space granted by CDs that allowed Squaresoft to include their beautiful cut-scenes. (which have become something of a signature item)

        FFVII's actual "graphics", that is, it's in-game visuals, are pretty terrible. This is a result of the overly ambitious push for 3D gameplay that is seen in a good majority of PS1 games - even right through to the end. When you look at something like Castlevania Symphony of the Night, you see that all the glisters is not 3D "Graphics".

        I have played and finished FFVII once. I will never play it again. The primary reason is that I really can't abide the ambitious visuals. I also don't think the gameplay + story is nearly as good as anyone makes it out to be. But when it's all said and done, I would probably play a remake just to see what changes (cos you know they'll change stuff).

        FWIW, FFIV is my favourite.

          Why would you even be reading this if Final Fantasy VII makes you so SICK? Dear GOD!

          And in case you didn't notice this article is indeed about Final Fantasy VII, and has nothing to do with IV, no matter how much you want your short and sweet comments to sparkle and change the topic of the article. Saying that you like Final Fantasy IV in an article about Final Fantasy VII is completely irrelevant and unnecessary.

      dont you have 3 brothers and 2 sisters in some sort of bunch to take care of brady?

      "newsflash people!"

      Well, if they're arguing for a remake, they have the story, characters, battle and materia systems to argue for.

      Story: Some original aspects, first time I've noticed something that bad happen to a playable character which was a big point of impact for many people. We've got a Tormented Villain who's still seen as the epitome of Badass this far down the series. The Corporate raping of a planet is possibly even more poignant now than it's ever been with the rise of Climate Change. However, while the themes stand up, I'm not sure the way they're linked actually does. There are a number of points where the story suddenly goes "Whoops I'm over here now" and others where it takes half an hour worth of cutscenes to establish not much.

      Characters: Cloud is a cross-dressing wet blanket, really. Like all the other JRPG heroes he's meant to be a blank canvas for the teenage players to project themselves onto, but what this really becomes is a weak lack of motivation to actually do anything. I've never understood beyond helping Tifa and Barret and liking Aerith why he got involved with stopping Shin-Ra and getting the other companions to help him. The supporting characters are much better and some are quirky and interesting, others are stereotypes ripped directly from the wheel of Anime. Anyone who looks human is pretty much a stereotype. Tifa - Plucky young Heroine proving she's able to fight like a man. Barret - Big strong Black man who protects the womenfolk. Aerith - Innocent pretty girl who tends flowers and turns out to be part of an ancient race. Yuffie - An irritating ninja who tries to win her way back into the party but still remains mischievious and iritating. Cid - Engineer and airship builder obsessed with rockets, no real problems there. Cait Sith - Annoying mascot character for no apparent reason. Red XIII - talking dog with an actual history and an interesting culture. Vincent - Reanimated dead Turk with a strange outlook on life and some insight into how far Shin-Ra will go. So some original characters, some Anime tropes, not a solid win.

      Battle System - Turn based battle gauge system a la pretty much every FF game. Limit Breaks add to character differentation in combat. Summons add some nice eye-candy, but overall are just really pretty attacks that take too long (2.5 minutes of Knights of the Round anyone?)

      Materia System - Genuinely interesting RPG management mechanic with limited slots on a weapon and the ability to level up all memebrs of a class to eventually obtain a materia able to do everything in that class. This is what made combat potentially different each time and gave a reason to keep doing combat. This is one of the few elements of the game worth retaining and the interesting mixup they did with it in FF:Crisis Core was the interesting thing about that game too, because it sure wasn't Zack.

      In Summary, there's an interesting setting which suffered from massive pacing issues in the story but overall came out to show itself as an interesting setting. There's a bunch of characters who are anime tropes playing off each other with occasional insertions of interesting things, a relatively similar battle system with extra eye candy and a very good power-management system in Materia. Does that make it the monumentally worthwhile thing to remake? Not really. Is there any other FF that's even more worthwhile to remake? Possibly VI. That had a much tighter plot, a female protagonist, some really interesting plot twists and while it doesn't have the world or the materia system VII does, it does make up for that in how tightly it's put together and also has an intriguing villain in Kefka.

    Why FFVII is great? Well look at the beautiful materia system of which I'd really like to return...

    As for the plot Each character has a back story which relates to the main plot not like FFXIII where it all releates to the 13 days or with FFVIII where they a miracously are from an orpahanage and at least the characters are much diverse like having vampire, a wolf, a guy having a gun graphted to his arm while other final fantasy characters are all human and they all pretty much differ only by what weapons/magic they use or social status like if they are a king or thief...

    Also about the plot, a main character dies and doesn't return, name another final fantasy game that does that.

    Lastly decent minigames of which is yet to be seen in another final fantasy game.

    I wish they would get back the team that did FFXII instead to work on original content.

    Square Enix are starting to get a reputation as a company that does more remakes and ports of old games than original games. That doesn't bode well for them. Eventually they'll be just known as the company that had their heyday last decade and keep trying to milk their past success, like bands that do reunion tours, performing the same old tired songs over and over with nothing new, to an ever dwindling audience.

    sigh. Why do they keep teasing us? I loved ffVII when I first played it, but it's by no means the best in the series imo. I won't complain if they do a remake, but I want a real remake. Like no half arsing it, I want at least the quality in production details in ff XIII. The materia system was one of the best in the series though.

    Was keen for a 7 remake, but maybe not now after seeing how 13 is.

    ff7 was the best because it was the only one where you was shocked and shaken by the story telling and the materia system was a exceedingly good way to level up your characers. The fact that a character you play with dies. Theres twists and turns, you just get lost in the game. The free roam around the world exploring it all sort of like a MMORPG but with just one person in it :) You the player. theres so much to do in this game and so much of it amazed me. But ever since squaresoft disbanded and enix came into play. They ruined everything. Get the original team back. And remake the best game ever made. Fanboys who want to comment me saying its not the best game. Fuck off. i dont give a shit. I like it and this is my post making it my opinion.

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