Final Fantasy Fans Are Far Too Sensitive About The Xbox 360

At the big Final Fantasy XIII launch at the HMV store in London, fans showed their disapproval of the prospect of winning a free Xbox 360 bundle. Really guys?

Gary from The Koalition was on hand at the big London Final Fantasy launch, where hardcore Final Fantasy fans nearly booed presenter Alex Zane off the stage as he announced a prize that, in my opinion at least, anyone would be happy to receive.

Is a multi-platform Final Fantasy really that bad?

I mean hell, Square Enix has been working on the game for what, five years? When you put that much time, effort and money into one game, you have every right to release it on as many platforms as humanly possible. I suppose you have the right to boo the company's decision, but treating it as some sort of betrayal is just silly.

Final Fantasy Fans Boo The Xbox 360 At Final Fantasy XIII Launch Party [The Koalition]


    I've been a serious Final Fantasy fan for the longest time imaginable. However i've also grown up as a person as well. I no longer willingly obsess over the game because i have more important things to worry about such as family, money, work, responisbilites and so on. At the end of the day as much as i wanted Final Fantasy to be so much more, it is just a game, so grow up already.

    And look at it from a economic point of view. Square Enix is comming under increasing pressure from competition from other western game companies such as EA games, Activision, Ubisoft and so on. They need to make as much money as they can so they can fund their new projects and grow their companies so they can compete in an increasingly competitive market. They also need to make good on the investment of spending 5 years and a truckload of mony, so increasing the market range for their game by selling it on the Xbox seems fair.

    Yeah i was disapointed that it came out on the Xbox too, but remember, final fantasy jumped ship from its original console home, the nintendo to sony many moons ago. Also money. If you spent 5 years on something wouldn't you want to get the best return possible on such an investment, cause those 5 years, they ain't comming back.

      That's bull. They would have made just as much money having on PS3 alone, like it was meant to be. The temptation of a giant stack of money that Microsoft offered them was too much, they couldn't resist. Well enjoy it, from here on out it will be crummy games with bad frame rates made with an engine they can't use.

        I have played both versions of FFXIII. I have the xbox version and my brother has the ps3 version. Can't tell the difference.

        Uh, no. I've got friends who have 360's and not PS3's who are going to buy it.

        Oh really Sess? REALLY? Because as I'm looking at it, I own a 360, not a PS3, and what do you know, I'm buying the "XBOX 360" version of the game.

        And, forgive me if I'm wrong, but something tells me that Square might actually make some MONEY from that sale! What?! Making money from the sales of a Final Fantasy game on a console other than a PS3?! That's ludicrous! Here I was for a second thinking that they might make a LOSS through my purchase of said video game. But hey, there you go.

        I guess that's just called logical thinking, compared to typical fanboyism.

          Thats only because MS wouldve paid the entire porting costs since they would have been worried about the game selling PS3's to there 360 fanbase

          as for 5 years Dev time i still think that this was slowed down by the whole 360 thing anyways

          and besides Square Dont need cash they have An ongoing MMO Currently there bringing another one out

          theres also FFversus, Agito, The Crystal Chronical series and they have enough spare time to file a cease and desist against a fan made sequel to chrono trigger

          People need to stop being all up them selves about format.
          Personally i wouldnt want to win the 360 either, mainly because i currently see no valid games to play on it IMO(which is gonna Get me flamed but flame on guys)

          ill stick with my PC/Ps3 combo

          (most likely id pull the thing apart and see what i can modify it to just for funzies)

        butthurt fanboi much?

        Blind console fanboyism is ridiculous.

        I have the 360 version and have no complaints, the game is gorgeous and I don't have any frame rate issues. Best graphics on a console game to date I think.

          From what I've heard 360 version is fine, but textures have been lowered a bit for disc space.
          Shame coz I like 360 better. But, I've also got a ps3 so what ever.

          If the multi platform development is done right then it shouldn't take that much longer.
          Actually it's funny, coz there have been a few dev's who are doing just that say the ps3 is the one that always struggles first.
          Also funny how a lot of multi platform games run worse on PS3 than the 360 counterpart!

          *shrug* they both have good and bad in my opinion.

          I guess I'm a 360 fanboi when I compare the two.
          But Sony's gaining some numbers in my book
          Pushing 3d is a big draw card for me.
          If the 'move' can pull of motion with out wii-lag, I'll be picking em up asap.

        I took a look at all of your comments and most of you dont seem to see the problem. So ill fill you all in. There are several issues that I see hear in regards to Final Fantasy XIII being released to multiplatform. first some of you said that they remember when final fantasy 7 was suppose to be made for the SNES then it was moved to N64 but it finally jumped to Playstation instead well I guess you guys had forgotten why it jumped to the PS1 its because the cartriges that nintendo where making were far to expensive because it whould take a more special one in order to hold all the information needed to play the game. So it was smart for the company to move to Sony because the discs were cheaper and it was realized earlier on the potential that the PS1 had due to its easy storge and graphical enhancements. This is a good reason to move imagine how great FFXIII whould have looked and played on the Nintendo WII, lol now sharing the game With the 360 is wrong for several reasons. The PS3 is far more superior then the 360 when it comes to performance like the Blu Ray storge space and the performance of the Cell chip. 2nd (this is very important) most gamers have trouble seeing this but its because of the XBOX 360 and greedy game developers, why many of are games are not made to thier full potential first Microsoft had to make a game system that competed with Sony and Nintendo and tricked many new gamers and casual gamers to buy into there FPS and Sports games because it was less costly and use its multiplayer knowlege i mean Micosoft it a computer company. When I say greedy game developers i mean those people that put thier game in two formats at an attempt to make more money for themselves and they know that the 360 does not match the power or storage space so what do they do they punish us gamers but lowering the quality on the ps3 version just so it can match the 360 version. In conclusion my fellow gamers ultimately you have to think about and do your resarch, guys when it comes down to it are you really going to spend your money on a XBOX 720 that will run you anywhere between 500 to 1000 just to finally surpass the PS3 or are you going to buy a PS3 that will run you 200 to 250 dollars in the near future thats finally going to unlock its potential due to gamers finally wanting to play games that are truly Next Generation and thats why fellow gamers are angry that they cant get a final fantasy bundle (other then japan)for the Ps3.

        @Sesshomaru So a fellow Inuyasha fan eh? But seriously stop being a butthurt fanboy. You know as well as I do that PS3 exclusives do not sell as well as multiplats. This is a fact. Take a look at Uncharted 2, it might have sold reasonably well but did not outsell CoD4, Killzone 2 did not sell as well as Modern Warfare 2. Heavy Rain has not sold as well as Grand Theft Auto 4. So why you are complaining is beyond me. But stop being a butthurt fanboy. Hell PS3 exclusives do not even outsell Halo. Now please stop BAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWing uncontrollably. :)

      I have no problems with it being multiplatformed. That just means that a wider range of gamers can enjoy the product :) And dont think i am a jump ship final fantasy lover i have played and own all of them

    Say, in some brizzare future, Halo 4 is released across multiplatorms.
    You can't tell me that if, at a launch event, a PS3 bundle was offered as a prize, the same thing wouldn't happen.

    I don't think the boos were a sign of the disapproval of FF XIII being released on the xbox360, I think it ls more to do with having a room consisting of a lot of long time Playstation fans with no desire or need for a 360.

      not exactly, it'd be like if halo 5 came out on ps4 then 10 years in the future halo 10 came to a 3rd console, i think they might have gotten over it at that point.

      Haha if i won it it would but thats more that halo would be included and that while i still love the first one the sequels have just ruined it IMO taking tech in and out

      @Kincuri You are comparing a first party franchise (Halo which is owned by Microsoft) to a third party franchise (Final Fantasy) which has never truly been an exclusive (it was at Nintendo, then Sony, now its everywhere). So why you are comparing a first party and third party franchise. That just makes no sense.

    It isn't like Square is 'new' to Xbox.

    Did all the fanboys kick up a stink when Square made the shift from Nintendo to Sony?

      Oh bless em'. So sensitive the Fanboy is. I'm glad it's on Xbox because I'll actually get to this one.

      I mean I guess I can see why a bunch of Playstation fanboy would boo winning an Xbox but won't they all already have PS3's? I mean sure a PS3 bundle might come with better stuff then your current one and that's great but are you there for the game launch or the giveaway? And if you were going purely for the giveway wouldn't you have know it was an Xbox bundle they were giving away? And if they didn't promote the giveaway and it was a surprise thing then WHY THE F*** DO YOU CARE!?!?!?!?

      If the promo person didn't do any research about the history of the game and the current fans base (or maybe they didn't think giving something away for free required that much effort) and looked at the two consoles sales, I'm pretty sure I'd use Xbox to try and pull people in too.

      Sorry Samuel, that was just meant to be a normal post not a reply to yours.

      Althought after reading your comment there were some Fanboy tears at the switch of FF to the Playstation, there just wasn't as much access to the internet to cry about it world wide

    C'mon now, can't be that bad. I don't like the shift away from the oldschool battle mechanic but you don't see me complaining (too much).

    I wonder if these dudes would get pissed off if the series (not a spinoff of the series) also went to a Nintendo platform considering the game's roots. This has to be a new generation of course and we'd have to assume that the new Nintendo console is beasty enough to do it.

    If it makes any PS3 fanboys feel any better, I've only got a 360 and I won't be buying this piece of crap game.

    Personally I'm glad Square released it on both platforms. Means I got the game yesterday instead of having to wait for another 6 months for when I can afford a PS3. I got a 360 first because it's got games that interest me, and at the time the PS3 didn't. I've only played a bit of the game so far, but I have had no problems with it yet.

    Glad I'm not the only one who remembers Square jumping ship over a decade ago. I had this exact conversation on Tuesday with someone in my course. "herp derp can't believe final fantasy on xbox it's obscene! It belongs on playstation!!!1" "You realise there are final fantasy games before 7, right? Do you know what platform those were on?" "shtup its still wrong!!!111"

    At least it's on both consoles. A much more nightmarish option was if it just went to the Xbox 360, that would have pissed off alot of people.

    Oh and Sesshomaru, even if Square Enix makes the majority of their money on the PS3, so long as they make a decent profit on the Xbox360 then it would have been worth it for them. From a business standpoint it makes sense to achive the largest return on investment possible.

    To delusional Final Fantasy PS Fans,

    For the last time FINAL FANTASY was NEVER a Playstation Exclusive, the games past is anything but exclusive to Sony. GET OVER IT! For a long time there Sony's console was really the only one right for the Developers, the original Xbox could have handled 10 and 12, but it lacked the attachment rate (so it wasn't worth porting to)

    The game goes to what platform is right and where it will sell... its as simple as that. The game wouldn't have have sold as much purely on the PS3 because frankly, Game attachment rate (i.e. games owned per gamer) IS higher on the 360... plus 30mil people is nothing to ignore.

    Kincuri, I think you're wrong... those boo's came from fans of the series that have somehow got it in their head that Final Fantasy's only home is on a Playstation console.

    Square-Enix = Multiplatform developer. Problem solved. Absorb this information in your head.

      @Jonathan: You realise that absorbing information and fanbois don't mix =P Propaganda however is very easily absorbed xD

      I'm still rather bemused at all of this multi-plat jumping fuss because it's happened so many times over and over again.. and only recently w/ the advent of "console wars" has it ever been the discussions this inanely stupid xD

      FF13 never would have gone 360 only, hardly anyone in japan even has a 360 and PSP and DS games outsell even the biggest 360 releases over there. They would have been throwing away most of their sales in japan.

      Also guy beneath me, I'm quite sure FF13 was originally a ps3 exclusive but was announced multiplatform like 2 years ago.

    I'd understand the fuss if it had changed to being a 360 exclusive. But instead, it's just sharing with another range of people. If its a choice between 'only PS3 owners get this' and 'both PS3 and XBOX owners get this', why not go the option that covers more people? If you have a PS3, then you get a PS3 version. If you have an Xbox, then you get an xbox version. If you have both, you get whatever one you think it will run better on.

    While it's possible that making a port to the 360 means that the PS3 gets a SLIGHTLY lower frame rate, would most people be able to tell? Remember that most of final fantasy's audience actually aren't fanatical about the series, and just want to enjoy a good story with great gameplay, without obsessing over the smallest details. As a company, I completely understand what they've done for more profits. But as a consumer, I'm also happy to make a small concession that in a way, helps support the company that produced the product as they get more profits.

    Personally, I'm very thankful they released it on the Xbox, as I only have that. It's all about accessibility.

    I say it is a big slight on the crowd that they were offered a 360 bundle. the superior version is on ps3. there's no denying that. You have the uncompressed video and audio, 720p, and crisper visuals. The fact is, it was a prick thing to do, to have XIII as exclusive, then change it. oh, but not in japan. yeah, nothing suss there.

    A lot of people feel betrayed by all this. I do think by too much, as I don't think in the end it hurt the game which ended up on the ps3.

    To the guys saying it was never a playstation exclusive. Come on, it was. Just because it wasn't from the get go doesn't take away from the fact that it became 1 when it shifted from nintendo. The fact is the new media of the playstation was the perfect place for the new vision of final fantasy. I'm glad they didnt stay with nintendo, at that time developers werent so associated with a console as they are now anyway. Totally different context, and skewing the issue.

      @Paul DownIts not sad to make a game multiplatform (having it first be a 360 exclusive), its business also its a video game man so who fucking cares? You do apparently.

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