Finally, A Gaming Mouse For Left Handers

The world can be a tough place for left-handers. Which is why there are things you can buy to make things easier for everyday actions, like opening cans, playing golf, playing video games on your PC...

...wait a minute. People play video games on their PC left-handed? Enough to warrant this, the Razer DeathAdder Left Hand Edition, a mouse specifically designed - courtesy of a flipped ergonomic look - to be used by southpaws?

I can see Razer's thinking, but I'm left-handed myself. And have always used a mouse with my right hand. As has every single other left-handed person I've ever met.

So for $US60, this gets a pass from me. What about you, my fellow cacky-handers; do any of you use a mouse with your sinister hand?


    Another way of looking at it is this - a standard Deathadder, but with the side buttons on the other side.

    Some people might not want to use their thumb, you know. Press too hard and you'll push those buttons in indefinitely (I should know, since that's what happened on my DA).

    Oh and by the way, there has ALWAYS been a mouse for left-handers.

    It's called the Intellimouse 1.1a. Been around for donkeys years, and it's still good.

      for gaming..

    Oh sh!t... better watch out for Ned Flanders now.

    i use the mouse in my left hand. i find it funny that other left handers would initially start out using it in their right hand. wouldn't the natural instinct be to use your left from the very first time you used a mouse?

    i even use a modded controller for my 360 with the thumbsticks swapped.

      I'm a leftie who uses the mouse right-handed. Why? Most computer setups have the mouse on the right-hand side, and to change it around is annoying. Plus, by using the mouse in the right hand, my left hand's free to write.

        different things annoy different people i spose. using your right hand is much better from a software keyboard shortcuts point of view and sometime wish i had learnt from the beginning but it was my own PC, so i naturally used my left hand.

        at least some of the old windows 3.1 shortcuts still work such as ctrl-insert/shift-insert for copy and paste. unfortunately i use adobe suite more than MS office in my job and adobe is hit and miss with the old shortcuts.

      I picked it up with my left when I was a kid on the 486 but seeing as everyone else in the family was right handed, I learned to use it with my right. Been using it with my right hand ever since.

    "I can see Razer’s thinking, but I’m left-handed myself. And have always used a mouse with my right hand. As has every single other left-handed person I’ve ever met."

    +1 here. Left handed, right-mouse...d. Back in the 'old days' I'd use a joystick in my left hand and the keyboard with my right, though.

    anyone who buys this mouse is an anti social murdering psychopath .. be warned.

      you have to be careful though as it's a dead giveaway when forensics can tell you stabbed that innocent old lady with your left hand. that narrows the suspects down to about 10% of the population.

      my 'How to murder someone and get away with it' handbook does teach you to learn with your right hand to throw them off your trail

    This reminds me of my old Atari Lynx back in the day.

    It had a left handed option, which I never used.

    The fact is that everything is designed for right handed people and despite having the opposite hand feel dominant, muscle memory just makes playing left handed feel weird.

    I write left-handed, however everything else I do as a right-handed person

    ...some things even require both hands....

    Hmmm....not sure if I'll be able to use it now that I've been using my right hand for years.

    I find it easy to use my right hand as it frees me to write with my left (notes), drink coffee - all the important stuff, whilst my right hand button mashes.

    Actually, I use a wacom for art and I find it annoying too that some of the shortcuts in illustrator/photoshop etc favour the right handed person using their left hand on the keyboard. I often find myself drawing with my left and my right arm reaches across and over in a twisted fashion to use keyboard shortcuts - very annoying. Can't tell you how many times I've nearly knocked the coffee over doing so. Maybe they should release a keyboard with keys in the opposite direction? :P "The Lefthanded Keyboard" (num pad on the left, keys in opposite direction - I'd buy it!) No-one will understand what I'm writing (touch typist), but who cares! Lefties will understand - that's all that matters.

    I know somebody who would like this.

    I've never been one for all of these left-handed things. I either adapt my behaviour to suit the device or adapt the device.

    i.e: I hold scissors up-side-down so that I can see the line I'm cutting. Or I use my right hand.

    We did get sorta screwed, though, when they made the asymmetrical mouse.

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