Finally, Some Metroid: Other M Gameplay

Finally, Some Metroid: Other M Gameplay

Don’t let the first 30 seconds of this new Metroid: Other M trailer fool you. Wedged in the middle of more pre-rendered Samus Aran action is actual gameplay of the new Wii adventure (and *ahem* Zero Suit Samus footage).

Not only does Metroid: Other M look fantastic in motion, it looks fast – Team Ninja fast, at least in its sidescrolling shoot ’em up moments. Be on the lookout for big bosses, morph balling action and a scene familiar to Super Metroid players, which Metroid co-creator showed at this year’s Game Developers Conference.



  • i know it’s too early to judge, but this is looking pretty fresh in comparison to the prime series. I like what i’m seeing.
    Man, maybe Nintendo should outsource other companies to take control of their Zelda franchise on home console. Zelda under the watch of Miyamoto is becoming stale.

  • I’ll admit, this does look a lot better than I was expecting.
    However, it does still look too much like a Team Ninja game and not enough like a Metroid one.
    Further, that line at the end. No, damn it, we do not want Samus making retarded one-liners. That is not Metroid.

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