First Look At Last Story Art

The Last Story, the upcoming Wii role-playing game, is the newest title from Final Fantasy designer Hironobu Sakaguchi. Previously, all that has been shown of the game is a logo. Until now.

Last Story game art has popped up online. Keep in mind, this is game art and not game graphics. The images are of what appears to be idyllic coast line. All is not peaceful as large canons jut out of a battery to keep mercenaries at bay.

The setting is Luli Island, which is actually a strategic port for defence and transportation for an entire empire. It is overseen by Earl Alganan, a feudal lord. Unlike his fellow aristocrats, Earl Alganan doesn't spend his days lounging about.

Thanks to its prime location, the island is wealthy, and the island's Luli City holds a magical power. Everything is about to change...


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