First Official Look At The PlayStation Move

Here's our first ever official, up-close look at Sony's PlayStation Move motion-control peripheral, due later this year.

We've seen it before of course, back when it didn't have a name, but would you believe Sony has never released official press shots of the device before, giving us such a close look at both the main wand and its "nunchuk" accessory.

The Move will be released this fall, in three options: individually, bundled with a PlayStation Eye camera or bundled with the camera and a PlayStation 3 console.


    Really wish it didnt have a glowing orb at the top, looks freaking stupid.
    Also looks liable to break off by accident

      The glowing orb is what gives the thing depth perception regardless of how you rotate it. It isn't as colourful as those pictures make out and unless you're staring at your hand instead of the screen you won't even notice.

      I think it's the best option yet.

    To me, to orb and extra buttons is a weak attempt to separate the new controller from the Wii Remote.

      Agreeing. That looks stupid as. Also, why does 1 have a strap and the nunchuck not???

        The wand is motion control, the nunchuk is not.
        If you don't need to shake/waggle/etc, the nunchuk is less likely to end up through a tv, so doesn't need the strap.

    the buttons look way to small... and yes... that orb is hideous.....

    I wonder if it has a dual shock type thing, it looks like it could make an interesting present to a lady-friend :P

      haha good call

        haha neither of you have lady friends

          Hahaha, Darius, well done, i have to complement you on that

      Lol, those jokes weren't funny when the Wii came out, and they're not funny now...

    Once again Sony place symmetry over ergonomics. Using those four tiny buttons around the main button is a ridiculous idea, and then they go and add TWO different O and X buttons.

    So what happens when there is a tutorial that tells you to press the X button? Is the the "nunchuck" X or the "wand" X?

    I seriously thought that ball thing on the top was a prototype model...but its the real thing...well I am definitely not buying that fucking horrible looking device.

    I'm assuming it uses the Playstation Eye, and thats why it needs a big fucking colorful orb on the top, so that it can properly track the movement.

    Bad move, Sony.

      Ever think that big button in the middle might be used alot? Hence the finger hovering over it in the last shot and why hate against the way it works, WOW its colourful does that threaten your sexuality or something? I for one applaud Sony for making the Move and naming it after the one thing that was questioned with Natal when it was announced, Bravo.

      You have got such the wrong reasons for not liking Move...

      It's actually pretty funny in a "Bicentennial Man" kind of way. In that, we're laughing at you trying to be serious.

    I feel like I should go raving.

    All these comments remind me of the first announcement of the Wii before the gushing came.

    I'll hold off my opinion until it gets released and I get some hands on time with it.


    Alot of people here seem very quick to jump to conclusions? Let's wait till we play it or at least see someone else play it in an actual game.

    I kept refreshing my page because I thought there was a loading error or something... Then I realized that the extended circle of colour is actually attached to it... fail.

    wait what, its NOT a playstation branded .... lady-friend?!?! your kidding me!!

    the sharpie just got replaced.

    I know everyones focasing on the 'wii mote ( I mean Move) but does the wii have anything like good qraphics? Sorry it just seems something people are ignoring.

      The Metroid games and Super Mario Galaxy were truly awful as they were not HD... apart from the lack of tearing, excellent use of colour and impressive animation. They also had gameplay; but don't worry about that if the pixel count isn't high enough.

      No More Heroes was terrible - looked like someone had drawn it. Pfft...

      There is a lot for art direction as well as pixel count. Games like Viewtiful Joe and Shadow of the Colossus on the PS2 still look impressive despite them being on a previous generation console.

      I really wish that more time was spent on the artistic look of a game as opposed to another FPS or 3rd Person shooter with a more pixels thrown on the screen.

    I should get paid money under the table for being controversial

    Dude this is gonna cost a fortune, you need a PSmote a PSchuck and a PScamera.

    Nintendo probably lol'd at this, you know what they say; mimicry is the highest form of flattery

    Looks stupid, sounds fun, end of story.

    aww. that looks horrible but PS still has the good graphics.
    btw i like the way you look at it avisioncame

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