First PlayStation Move Ad Trolls Wii & Natal, Kevin Butler Style

The PlayStation Move controller may have only been officially named last week, but PlayStation VP of Realistic Movements Kevin Butler already has his commercial ready. How? This spot is from The Future, when Sony's already trolling the motion control competition.

Clearly, Kevin and Sony's shotcallers are not at all embarrassed to be in the position they're in eight months from now, as Nintendo is on their behalf. No, Mr Butler seems pretty pleased with the PlayStation Move, which he calls "the future of gaming" in part because it has "buttons". According to Kev, those "turn out to be pretty important to those handful of millions of people who enjoy playing shooter, platformers or, well, anything that doesn't involve catching a big red ball".

Butler has some stinging, pantywaisted mockery of Wii Sports boxing for its other competitor.

Who else is really excited to have a fictional PlayStation executive at Sony's disposal so as to aggressively mock Nintendo and Microsoft's efforts? I know I am, now that this waggle war is definitely on.


    I like it.. Looks cool. IMO I think its going to be the year of the Playstation.

    I have been pretty much a 360 gamer only with my ps3 sitting there doing nothing except the occasional bluray but I am starting to buy games for it more and more now.
    For the first time even I even bought a cross platform game FF13 for the PS3 potentially signalling the end of a long gamerpoint addiction on the 360:P

    Hard to say but they might just have something with this "move" It could be the king hit they needed.

      I agree with you here - except I haven't taken the leap of buying a cross-platform game JUST yet for the PS3.
      I have no real excuse to do so, mainly cause I prefer my 360 controller to the PS3's.

      But i buy the exclusives for PS3 and happily play them. I don't know if I will rush to get Move upon release, because I tend to only use my PS3 for exclusives and of them, i don't play them as much as my 360 games. But it does look awesome, I guess i'll have a look at Natal and its offerings with games and compare.

      FFXIII will though, be seen more as a PS3 game however than a 360. I just wish I could return to the "feel comfortable holding a PS controller" days. I was a big PS fan until Xbox came out, randomly gave it a go, then Halo was release and haven't looked back, and the controller wowed me. But everytime I hold a PS controller the analog sticks feel so weird to me - not matter how long I play the thing.

      I agree completely. I'm not interested in the move, but I'm buying more and more games for my ps3 over my xbox 360 lately, even cross platforms. My ps3 mostly used to just sit there while my xbox got all the attention. Heck I don't think I'm going to resub my gold next month.

    Makes them look very nervous if they have to pay out on Xbox like the did. Focus on your own strengths.

    Sony making fun of Nintendo again, sigh. The Wii is somewhat successful, no?

    Reminds me of this Phil Harrison quote:

    “The idea of a handheld rivalry with Nintendo is an irrelevance, ... Those formats don't appear in our planning. It's not a fair comparison; not fair on them, I should stress. That sounds arrogant, maybe, but it's the truth.”

    Sony marketing truth == triple contradiction.

    Whatever, though, they will make a packet of money out of this, and it looks promising. I just wish Sony didn't feel the need to be such a pack of smug jerks all the time.

      It's hardly considered smugness when you are coming last in the console war. Delusional maybe, but not smug.

      I take it this isn't a proper advertisement because it just isn't that funny. I agree with 'J Bone', this could have been more effective if they focussed on the strengths of the 'Move', rather then how it's just 'better' than Natal and the Wiimote.

      November is also a very long way off... hard to get excited about it now.

    Wont those big glowing balls changing colour at the end of Sony's wand be a bit distracting, especially in the dark?

    I hate the idea personally, i don't like the idea of a still having to use a controller... along with the Eye Toy or whatever its called now.

    I still have my doubts about Natal, but it seems much more suited to the times

      If you have the chance, try out the eyetoy. You'll be begging for a controller.

    Cool little ad, but wont the guy playing the shooter get horrible backpain standing hunched like that?

      hah yeah and it must have taken that boxer *ages* to rehearse all those moves to that video....

      not as much as getting shot by all those bullets

      I thought the same thing... there's no way I'm spending hours playing shooters if I have to be hunched over like that.

    Does Sony not realise how petty this sounds? Come on, you shouldn't have to convince us that Move is better than Wii Sports - a game that came out more than three years ago. The more relevant comparison would be to MotionPlus, but the fact that Sony seems to be avoiding that isn't very inspiring.

    This was a pretty funny video. I'm no where near sold on any kind of motion control but at least I laughed at this. How can you not at least smile at "Using your hand as gun? What is this, Third grade?".

    the gimmick's worn off for me, but hey,if they can make Star wars games with real 1:1 lightsaber action i will buy

    hahaha that was the bees knees!

    Two thumbs (or glowing orbs) up. Nice add.

    im raging like the fires of hell. stupid dicks copy EVERYTHING.

    I love the Kevin Buttler ads.. this is far from the best one though..

    ah this is sad... Sony are bragging about having better motion controls then nintendo... 5 years later...

    Move looks like it just incorporates 2 hands.
    Natal incorporates the entire body..

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