First Screens Of PlayStation Move's "Motion Fighter"

"Motion Fighter" is the working title of the fighting game showcasing the new PlayStation Move, revealed this afternoon at the Game Developers Conference. Sony's published eight screens of the game. Here they are.

The demonstration showed the 1:1 motion capability of the Move controller applied to a street-fighting beat-em-up. Sony said the project is estimated to be about 20 percent finished so far.


    wow those screens look quite amazing .. I dont like fighting though, it hurts like hell.

    I don't know why they didn't just call this "High Contrast Fighter HD."

    If this game allows you to move around with thumbsticks, your looking at a game that may have the most satisfying fighting experience yet.

    Meh, if only these screens weren’t pre-rendered knockoffs then I would be impressed.

    Holy Carp! Looks pretty rad :D

    imagine all the little kiddies who will think this is "sick rad super kewl omfg yAAAAAA"

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