First Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Details Are Beyond Amazing

Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man is going on a spectacular multi-dimensional adventure in his next outing, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, which sends old Web-head to realities both "amazing" and "noir". Let's hope the two remaining mystery dimensions don't include "suck".

The previously teased Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions will toss Spider-Man into four separate universes, according to GameSpot's first look at the Beenox-developed title, a reality rift caused by the mystical MacGuffin known as the Tablet of Order and Chaos. Two realities, "noir" and "amazing", appear to be lifted from the Marvel Comics series of the same names, the Depression era Spider-Man: Noir and more modern The Amazing Spider-Man.

The game's first trailer highlights some of the gameplay differences between the two settings, as well as offering a preview at two of the game's bad guys, Kraven the Hunter and Hammerhead.

Activision promises that the two remaining realities will be revealed at the official Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions web site. There are plenty of reality opportunities for Spider-Man, including dimensions set in the rotting Marvel zombies universe, the futuristic 2099 universe and the historical 1602 universe.

Personally, I'm hoping for Spider-Man India. Who wants to start placing bets?

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions First Look [Gamespot]


    is that picture steampunk spidey or something?

      That's Noir Spider-Man. The book was horrible.

      It's Noir Spidey. As the article mentions a few times.

      But, all dimensions look "suck" despite their formal names. The game looks like utter fail.

    Yes. Yes. OH GOD YES. This looks fantastic. I was skeptical at first, but wow. I want this game.

    When I first realised the guy talking was Spidey, I was like "Wait, what?" but then his voice changed in the different dimension, and I like that.

    Also, that noir costume is fantastic. I love it.

    Only 4? Was hoping for a few more - they'll have to be pretty solidly done for that to be enough.

    My bet would be Ultimate and 2099. As cool as Marvel Zombies would be it deserves an entire game to itself

      holy crap, the things i'd do for a marvel zombies game... or a marvel zombies vs army of darkness game.. *drools*

    The Noir version looks delicious.

    I was kinda hoping they'd take the franchise in a whole new different direction - like JUST have the Noir dimension and have it like a cross between a grungy Batman and Saboteur or something. Something very bleak and different from the standard "Hi! I'm Spider-man! I've come to beat you up!" (snicker, snicker)... kinda gets old. But thats just me. After Arkham Asylum I imagine everything that way lol

    i see alot of influence from arkham asylum with the noir spidey, lets hope for disco spidey

    Didn't Kotick say the main reason they've been sucking is that they've gone away from what makes Spider-man games good, the web slinging?

    All I see is some tacked-on elements of Arkham Asylum, and nay a mention of web swinging mechanics or whether the're will be a free-roaming environment or not.

    Web of Shadows didn't even have the webs stick to buildings for chrissakes. Come on Activision, I thought this was supposed to be your saving grace...

    Noir Spiderman kinda reminds me of Batman, and I don't see that as a good thing with the fantastic Batman AA out and it's Sequel coming for my sneaky noir fix I'll go there.

    It could be the universe where Spiderman is a bit like Tony Stark where everyone knows who he is and loves him even J. Jameson. The universe where Uncle Ben didn't die.

    There's also the Ninja clan Spiderman universe. But I would like to see a Cyberpunk style spider man, a very high tech look.

    Don't like the look of the cell-shading in amazing reality, it doesn't look like good cell-shading, just average. The Noir one looks better but the light highlights are a little over the top, I mean its on pretty much every edge of spidey's body.

    Can't imagine this being very good. I think one of the worst failures of the last few spidey games were not giving it a more open world with spidey style movement. I think Prototype showed what kind of free, easy and fast movement that should be in a spiderman game, you wouldn't even have to go full sandbox world, so long as the levels were open enough to really give you some room to swing.

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