Fist Of The North Star Explodes Europe's Guts This Summer

Tecmo Koei's latest Musou crossover, the one that blends classic manga Fist of the North Star characters with Dynasty Warriors style play, is making its way to Europe. The game known as Hokuto Musou will summer in Europe, officially.

Koei's simply calling the game Fist of the North Star for now, pegging the European release for a vague "summer 2010". Bodies that "violently explode on screen" and punches that trigger "the instantaneous breakdown of internal organs" will be gracing the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in PAL territories soon.

If you've followed our coverage of Hokuto Musou thus far, you know that we're rabidly anticipating the beat 'em up and that Ashcraft really likes referencing that "already dead" gag.

No word yet from Tecmo Koei's North America press folk, but we'll let them know how much we'd like to see this confirmed for our continent of choice.


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