Five Health Care Games To Make You Healthy (Or Get You Sick)

Five Health Care Games To Make You Healthy (Or Get You Sick)

In the United States, health care has passed. Some people are pleased, some are not and others are even indifferent. So let’s talk about video games!

To mark the occasion, here are five doctor-type games.


From the folks who gave us SimCity and The Sims, SimHealth: The National Health Care Simulation was released in 1994 during the Clinton health care debates. It’s not exactly a fun or funny game – but neither is health care, no?

Dr Mario

From saving the princess to playing tennis, Mario can do it all. Add prescribe red, yellow and blue pills to kill bacteria.

Theme Hospital

By creating facilities, players design a hospital to attract patients. Unlike SimHealth, Theme Hospital is fun and funny. Patient diseases include the Uncommon Cold and Hairyitis.

Trauma Center

The Trauma Center series from Japanese game company Atlus do a fine job of reproducing nail-biting surgery on the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii.

Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon

It’s been called health class meets Contra. While maybe not even a decent game, it certainly is *interesting* in the loosest sense of the word.

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