Forensics Reveal More Heavy Rain Photo Winners

What's this? Didn't we already award the winners of our Heavy Rain competition? Yes, we did. What's going on here?

After strapping on our ARI, it seems further investigation has turned up a few more bodies winners. Oh, and the lovely people at Sony were so impressed by the quality of your entries that they donated five more copies of Heavy Rain.

So, here's another five winners!

Congratulations guys. I'll be in touch later today to organise the delivery of your prizes.

Oh, and one more thing...

See that photo right up the top of the post? That was sent in by Jose B. We didn't name Jose as one of the first ten winners, nor as one of the five extra winners. Sorry, Jose.

However, Jose doesn't go home empty-handed. Instead of an "Origami" edition of Heavy Rain, Jose has won for himself a very special "Origami" edition of Heavy Rain... signed by the development team at Quantic Dream.

I know it's not exactly what we promised, but I hope you'll appreciate the consolation prize.


    What the heck is happening in that shopping centre scene?

      I don't know, but I can't stop laughing.

        O.O Those are students from my Computer Games class, good on you guys!

      Heres some reference to the shopping mall pic if you dont get it lol

    Wow. well done to all the winners. It really makes me wish I got off my fat ar*e and done something now. It's amazing how much creativity is in this little group of kotakuans.

    More gratulations ppls. Will cookie monster ever win anything David???

    My entry, not to get all self aggrandising but i can say without a hint of modesty that its better than 2 and 3.

      I guess it's a bit photoshop heavy, maybe?

      This was a ridiculously tough comp to judge. There were plenty of great entries, yours included, that unfortunately missed out on a prize.


    A massive thanks to my non gaming wife for her help in my entry!

    Wow good on you, Sony.

    I think this last one ("Blake?") has made me laugh the hardest of all the entries. When I played the scene in Heavy Rain, Blake was about the last thing/person I found, after all the evidence.

    The crying guy in the red shirt is me.

    There are a couple of Easter eggs hidden in the image for fellow Kotaku sleuths (try zooming in on the picture).

    Oh yeah, cheers for the prize! I was sacked just over a week ago and today screwed up my first job interview since so I needed something like that to cheer me up!

    Also thank you Kotaku for hosting such a great competition!

    Many thanks to all who supported the almighty thrust in its eternal journey!

    Also, thanks to Myer Macquarie for telling us to get lost!

    Oh and hi Adam, great to hear from you! :)

    Woohoo! Thanks!

    The hardest part of mine was getting the dog to stand still for more than 2 seconds.

    Thanks David! I was a great comp! I enjoyed entering and seeing all the great entries I am glad to have had just scraped in.

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