Former Dead Or Alive Designer Talks Fighting Games

Before the brouhaha at Tecmo, game designer Tomonobu Itagaki made a name for himself making fighting games. He's currently working on another title, which he hinted at last year.

Does that mean we'll see another fighting game from him? "Because I made the best fighting game in the world, Dead or Alive, at my former employer," Itagaki told Japanese game magazine Famitsu, "it's futile to do battle with my own daughter." Like most creators who view their work as their children, Itagaki clearly views the series as his daughter, and it sounds like he is apparently ready to move on.

"Fighting games today are at an impasse," Itagaki added. According to him, the fighting game, DOA withstanding, generation ended a long time ago.

Itagaki also revealed that his new title is being developed on new game engine that has been built by assembling world class tech.


    Although I may be interested in the new game (Whatever it may be), that quote of his was really arrogant.

    “Because I made the best fighting game in the world, Dead or Alive"

    Dead or Alive is one of the few fighting games I would rank as low as Tekken.
    They are Spectacle Fighters. You press one button and they do a cool looking move that takes forever to execute. Slow, unresponsive, stupid controls, with an idiotic juggle system and a "Just keep hitting them on the ground and they never get up" strategy level.
    Bring back the good fighters (MvC2, unbal as all hell but extremely tight controls and competitive play. SF3, incredibly fast and competitive fighting. Soul Cal 1 and 2, some of the only examples of a good 3d fighter).

      im not a fighting game connoisseur but calling DOA unresponsive is a great injustice and the council demands that you retract your statement for the good of the republic.

      MvC2 (marvel vs capcom 2???) is very much a 'spectacle fighter'. i agree its fun as hell though.

    ok DoA2 (the first was rip-off and it was rubbish) and above great games, but they lacked any great mechanics. The only thing DoA2 added was interreactive stages nothing less. Also the mechanics of the game based way to much on the counter system, because you couldn't dodge to the sides (only aerial moves were dodgable), you can counter anytime in flurry of hits (especially the hit stun move if the player does nothing they fall to the ground, can counter out of it!?) and it does incredible damage knocking off more health then a 20 hit combo. Anyway ninja gaiden sigma 2 was the best and he wasn't even in it (even though they now base it off ryu from DoA now and that stupid metrosexual outfit thanks itagaki).
    Anyway he was getting there but still far away. Well I would love to see DoA5 because Tekken 6 was a major dissappoinment, I mean there is more dumbassery in that game now then SF4, but SF4 was intentionally.

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