Free MAG Content Coming: Flashbangs, Fashion, Firearms

The first batch of downloadable goodies for owners of the PlayStation 3 massively multiplayer shooter MAG will arrive next week, according to Zipper Interactive, bringing fresh outfits, disorienting grenades and all-new guns guns guns! That new stuff is all free.

The "Trooper Gear Pack", coming to players worldwide gratis on March 25, brings with it the aforementioned flashbang grenade, three special edition light machine guns - Raven's APEX 100SE, SVER's RTK-74 Vla, and Valor's Mk 46 Mod 1 - as well as two new uniforms "Trooper Dark" and "Trooper Light". The DLC release coincides with a double XP promotion, should you crave twice the experience.

Zipper calls this DLC release "the beginning of our ongoing commitment to MAG", which may be comforting to those of you who feel a little concerned about future support with SOCOM 4 on the horizon.

First MAG DLC free, coming next week []


    Free stuff is always good... the free stuff, the better the chances of getting more sales when there is a paid DLC...

    That being said, MAG would be a tough one for paid DLC with the amount of players possible in any one game...

    Not enough!
    And WOW another fucking LMG for noobs to spray about with.

    Fix the bugs, Fix the original maps and introduce new maps.


    Awesome. I stopped playing MAG after being hooked on it. This will get me back into it. Besides, I need to get to lv 40 and get those goggles!

    Too little, too late for me. Already traded it in.

    Sounds good, agree with brady, tho they are fixing the older maps now. Game still got its hooks into me

    I'm loving MAG to death, having vetted over to VALOR just the other night.

    This free DLC is just the tonic! The double XP for the entire week at the end of March is just icing on an already awesome cake.

    And now I'll enjoy destroying LMG noobs even more now that they have some bling on their crappy weapons!

    I really like MAG...I do. But ever since I popped Battlefield Bad Company 2 into my PS3 I just don't see myself going back to MAG anytime soon....There needs to be more hours in the day so I can play both.

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