Gamer Takes On Real Soldier At Modern Warfare 2

Let's say someone built a replica of Modern Warfare 2's training level, "The Pit". And then felt like challenging a real soldier to go through it while they played the level on computer. Fancy watching?

Oh yeah. We featured this level a few weeks ago, built for a challenge on a British TV show. Well, it's done, the challenge has been thrown down, and now you can see how it went down.

It's not the fairest fight you'll ever see, but damned if it doesn't make good TV.


    First person shooters like.... "Halo, Quake, Doom, Gears of War...". What?

      O well. Proly jus thinks fps means shooter.

    Hey I'm sure he knows everything about FPSes.

    I never knew Gollum played FPS's.

    This is stupid, a gamer can't compare to a professional, games arn't real.

    I dont understand how games like COD on the console can require skill in multiplayer when the auto aim is so massive.

      god you elitists are such wankers. I would love to see you pick up an xbox or playstation controller and try your luck online. You will get smashed.

      the autoaim is miniscule in COD.

        Auto-aim is zilch in CoD PC. We win.

    Hmm.. well if you look at the SAS dude, he sat with cover and shot all the paper guys down. It's what you would do in real life (I think anyway). If he had to act like a MW2 player he'd just run around shooting and surely would win that round.

    double kill!

    He seems overly excited to have sat down and played a game while an SAS soldier just ran a live fire course.

    I'd like to see it reverse maybe? You know, for fairness.

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