Gamers 4 Croydon Moves Beyond Croydon

The battle for an R18+ classification for videogames will move beyond Michael Atkinson's seat of Croydon at this month's South Australian election. Gamers 4 Croydon has announced it will stand a candidate in four more electorates.

Australia's first gamer rights political party is already running a candidate, Kat Nicholson, against Attorney-General Michael Atkinson in an effort to oust the state's censorship minister and contesting the state's upper house with party co-founder Chris Prior.

Now they are allowing even more South Australians to vote in favour of an R18+ rating by running candidates in the electorates of Adelaide, Norwood, Light and Mawson.

Tom Birdseye, a mechatronic engineer currently working in South Australia's extensive manufacturing industry, will stand in Adelaide. David Egge, a small business owner in the entertainment and logistics industries, is up for Norwood. Matt Allpress, who runs an IT consultancy firm, will stand in Light. And Ben Ernst, an experienced civil engineer and software developer, will contest Mawson.

The South Australian state election is held March 20.

Candidates [Gamers 4 Croydon]


    Whats a mechatronic engineer? Does he make giant battle robots?

      Why do I suddenly envision an army of ED209's storming Atkinsons office with GAMERS4FREEDOM written on the front of their hulls... lol

      petty sure its what you need to be for desining cars and shit cause they have so much electronics controlling them these days - abs and that stuff
      could also be talking out my arse. just wikipedia it. here:
      A mechatronics engineer unites the principles of mechanics, electronics, and computing to generate a simpler, more economical and reliable system.

      i was kinda right i reckon

      Yes, pretty much. A combination of mechanical and electronic engineering (and, from experience, tends to involve robots).

    That's awesome, even if all it does is make the party seem more legitimate in the eyes of non-gaming people in politics.


    This is great news! I would like to read some statistics within these areas, especially Croydon - about how many citizens are aged between 18 - 30 and how many are male.

    I understand a great deal of females are gamers, but I would safely bet that majority of gamers that read news, come on Kotaku and take interest in R18+ issue and Gamers 4 Croydon are male.

    I believe more males will vote for G4C than females in the election. Either way, good luck to em. The countdown is on.


    Gamers4Croydon are going above and beyond on what a small political party should do and is completely outstripping any expected restrictions on what a 'gamer' party would be forced to deal with.

    Keep it up guys. Glad I'm a member.

    I'd like to point something out here, it has no relevance to the case, but if anyone says politicians haven't got a sense of humour, then all you have to do is remove the first name of all the candidates that have just been mentioned above and read it, as is.

    Although it good to run for more then Croydon but i still cant vote for them. I live in the electorate of Kaurna

      You can vote for them in the upper house.

    If this article wishes to be taken seriously, it should be factual, and not refer to Atkinson as the 'censorship minister'. It might be true but smacks of non-fact and bias, and does nothing for the cause.

      Mr Atkinson is a censorship minister, as are all the other State and Territory Attorneys-General.

      Please see the SCAG website here for a detailed explanation :

    Hey Dave can just any1 print off and have these petitions signed, I'm in a good position to make some numbers. Or is it restricted to Game etc ?

    Need more engineers in politics, people who solve problems rather than spend their time whining at eachother...

      and here's what the people of history have to say:

      Too bad that all the people who really know how to run the country are busy driving taxi cabs and cutting hair. - George Burns.

      In politics, an organized minority is a political majority. - Jesse Jackson.

      Truthfulness has never been counted among the political virtues, and lies have always been regarded as justifiable tools in political dealings. - Hannah Arendt.

      There is a thin line between politics and theatricals. - Julian Bond.

        Mostly true, which is kind of sad...

        There's a quote this reminds me of that I cant quite remember, something about how 'having the ambition to seek that kind of power makes that person incapable of doing the job properly.'

    Fantastic news! Only one thing remains: How do we get these guys to actually win at the polls?

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