GameTrailers TV Teases "Surprise Sony Sequel" Reveal Thursday

Set your DVRs accordingly, kids, as GameTrailers TV promises a *sound of explosion* world exclusive premiere trailer for "a surprise Sony sequel" on Thursday night's episode, suggesting that this announcement of an announcement is PlayStation 3 related.

What could it be? The voice of Geoff Keighley is light on details. We suppose some people could be surprised by an official reveal of a game like Resistance 3 or Killzone 3, both games that would likely come to Sony's current-gen console. A third Motorstorm is also a possibility, as are any other number of now established PlayStation franchises. Your best guesses about what constitutes a surprise are welcome in the comments.

The episode airs Thursday night, with that footage expected to show up online shortly thereafter.

Episode 306 Promo [GameTrailers]


    I don't know that I'd be surprised by a Killzone, Motorstorm or Resistance sequel. On a meta level I'd be surprised that Sony thinks that one of those titles is surpise-worthy, I guess.

    "I haven't the faintest idea!"

    Uncharted 3 baby!

    All mentioned are not really surprises if they announce it... but will probably be one of them...

    I'm going with : Starhawk

    Calling it now!

      I wish it was starhawk!

      But im guessing we will have to wait for e3 for that one.

    Mmmmm, there are like 5-6 games that would not surprise me if they were getting sequels soon... but wasn't there a post not long ago about Sony getting the internet domain name for Motorstorm 3? (or something like that?) Dead give away if you ask me, but I'd be far happier if it was something like Uncharted or Killzone.

    Just game watch A Playstation.

    Syphon Filter, The getaway...

    I know it's foolish, but I am praying (?) for a date for GT5.

    Any date would be a tremendous surprise.

    Even if it's 31st March 2011...

      More likely to be 31st February 2011.

    New Twisted Metal

    inFAMOUS 2 please!!!

      +1 to that.

      A great new IP deserves an even greater follow up.

    I have my fingers crossed for Twisted Metal. Its a Sony lisenced game and its been ages. Also EatSleepPlay have finished God of War 3 now.

    Its a bit early for Killzone 3 IMO. But it could easily be the next Motorstorm, Uncharted or Syphon Filter (if we are lucky) or The Getaway.

      Please god yes! A Twisted Metal game would be outstanding.

      This would be my second guess and I would prefer Sony to just confirm we are getting these 2 games in the near future...

      "Also EatSleepPlay have finished God of War 3 now."

      EatSleepPlay have nothing to do with GoWIII though, that was all Santa Monica Studio, the only realy connection that share is that David Jaffe, who was the man behind the original GoW...

    Well I would be 'surprised' to say the least if it ended up being Heavenly Sword 2!

    Well Sony just bought out the Littlebig planet guys, so maybe a sequel for that?

    They just bought the LBP developers so I reckon it'll be LBP 2

      yes... i think tat's it LBP2

    Jak & Daxter, by Naughty Dog, on the Naughty Dog 2 engine... Holy crap, I would die...


      That would cause nergasm

    The Ship 2. PS3 Exclusive.

    doubtful of LBP 2 as yet, like the devs said, having a sequel will break the community unless they keep the multiplayer content on the same servers. im hoping for a Sly Cooper return, but i do believe it will be motostorm 3, as they already have the site registered or something like that i think

    How about another botched clock bug bringing all PS3s to a halt?

    Here's hoping for Legend of Dragoon 2...

    There's too many good games it could be

    Heavy Rain 2 : Rain Heavier

    heavy rain 2?

    mind you i havent played heavy rain yet...

    my best guesses.

    1)Twisted Metal
    2)Infamous 2
    3)Jak and Daxter PS3
    4)Driver (please oh please make this)

    Its' Obviously, Destruction Derby :)

    Do I finally win a new mac/ps3 slim/Xbox 360 and new BIG tv. hehehe :P

    ...hmmm.. PSP Go 2?perhaps...hope not

    theres a few that im thinking of, i wont be suprised if its Killzone 3, or maybe Resistance 3,

    but if i were a betting man i would bet on LBP related, seeing that they (Sony) just bought Media Molecules..or maybe ICO team related perhaps as well

    maybe Grand Turismo 6! after Kazunori Yamauchi realized that he was not happy with GT5 he scrapped the project and just started new on the sequel..if that happens i would bite my fingers off!!

    my fanboy blood is secretly wanting a few games, from a new Warhawk, Battle Arena Toshiden, Fear Effect, Forbidden Siren, and i hope Vagrant Story

    Uncharted 3

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