Gears Of War 3 Dated For April 2011 By Edge, Not Epic

Gears Of War developer Epic Games hasn't dated (or even confirmed) the third game in the stop and pop shooter series, but someone else has, pegging the third entry for an April release in 2011.

Now, Edge may not be in an official position to schedule Gears Of War 3, but according to "a trusted US publishing source", April 2011 is when Xbox 360 owners should expect the game. Gears Of War 3 will reportedly be teased next month in some form and more fully revealed at E3.

You know, it makes sense for 2010 to be Gears free.

Epic VP Mark Rein recently told G4TV that his company wouldn't be releasing any games this year. People Can Fly, which Epic owns, has its own game in the works for EA, but that won't be released until the beginning of 2011, a game that may very well be known as Bulletstorm.

Plus, the back half of 2010 is looking incredibly crowded on the Xbox 360 side, with games like Halo: Reach, Fable III, Portal 2 and another Call of Duty getting a lot of the attention, not to mention Microsoft's Project Natal add-on. Giving Gears 3 a little breathing room sounds like someone just making the right call.

And if it is a little later than expected, any Unreal Engine 3-powered jungle environments that we get will just look that much better.

Gears Of War 3 Releasing April 2011 – Source [Edge]


    April 2011??
    Bit odd considering the release of the others being in November.

    Gears 2 wasn't a FAIL in terms of sales (was a bit of a let down the game itself) but sales didn't exactly out perform the first, something i believe Epic were expecting.

    Maybe April sees them selling better after the holiday period IF it's all true. They just really need to change it all a bit - another Gears exactly like the first is gonna drive everyone insane.

      They don't want to pit their best shooters, halo and gears, against each other. It makes sense to release Gears 3 6 months after Halo:Reach, M$ is all about sucking every dollar they can.

    A release schedule full of shooters and an RPG ... sounds... um... whats the word I'm looking for?

      I wouldn't exactly call Portal 2 a shooter. =\
      And that means that it balances out, 2 shooters and 2 non-shooters. (At least out of the ones they mentioned) But I understand what you're getting at.

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