Gene Simmons Claims 'I'm The Voice Of Guitar Hero 6'

KISS frontman Gene Simmons confirming Guitar Hero 6 is about as newsworthy as Simmons confirming tomorrow will be called "Sunday.". But he has, technically, and also vows to a British TV program (sigh ... programme) that he's the game's voice.

And that's really all there is to it, emphasised by the fact they replay his line three times just to make the point. We were told to expect another Guitar Hero this year because, well, it's Guitar Hero, and it's Activision we're talking about. But whether that's Guitar Hero 6 or something else, who knows. We've contacted Activision for comment; anything they say will go here.

Game On [YouTube]


    I thought a programme was a piece of paper you got at an Opera or something.... *shrug*

      A program is what you run on a PC or do to a remote control's auto-recording function.

      A programme is both a TV show AND a booklet showing what is being performed (tv/play/musical).

        At least, that's the way it's spelt/used in Britain.

    Dear Guitar Hero,

    Just die already. Rock Band is 100x better anyway

      I agree, I wish it would die. And I used to be a fan.

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