Get A Good Look At Those Mass Effect 2 Figures

While they were first revealed in January, courtesy of a blurry magazine scan, that was no way to get a good look at DC Direct's line of Mass Effect 2 figures. This is.

The first line will feature four characters: Commander Shepard (male), Tali, Thane and Grunt. Shepard is a little... off, not just because my Shepard looks different, but because he doesn't even look much like the "standard" model in the game. The rest, though, especially Thane and Grunt, look great.

Those wondering who will feature in the second series, it'll comprise Miranda, Legion, Mordin and Garrus.


    ...that's Shepard?

    I always love the idea of figurines but they always end up so creepy and different from what I want them to look like. I can never buy em.

    Is it just me or does it look like the Shepard figure was sculpted by the same guy that did the Thunder Birds marionettes! Those eyebrows were signature!!

    tali and shepherd look terrible but thane, i could buy

    shepard looks like hes just shat his pants

      more like he's TRYING to do a shit. to me he looks constipated.

    no chance of an articulated Ymir mech, huh?

    Seriously, Shepherd should've been like Mr Potatohead. Like, 50 different pieces to put together... make your own Shepherd!

    i like the sound of the second series, especially miranda and legion.

    If any of you has seen the movie grandma's boy, you'll know why i want the miranda doll. lol. just really, i am kidding. why don't you believe me? I'M KIDDING.

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