Get A Move On ... With SOCOM 4

We've seen how a fighter operates with the PlayStation Move, now let's get a look at how a shooter functions under Sony's new motion controller. Here's SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALs.

Looks like the Move enables not only the expected point-and-shoot aspect of a tactical shooter, but also the tactics as well, using the wand to identify objectives to your squadmates and send them there to carry out your orders.


    It seems the turning aspect of the game seems slow and clunky. How does Move handle turning?

      When the Wii first came out, turning was done by pushing the cursor at the end. Assuming that Socom devs only recently implemented this technology, I would say it would be the same thing. But hey whos to say that making a bounding box wouldn't be either patched me or simply a selection in options.

    Hmmmm if motion controls suddenly came to alot of core games, primary games with online multiplayer - they would have to place a separate game type for people playing with motion control.

    For example - MW2 has a separate playlist for people who want to play in third person.

    If a game, like MW2 had motion-control support, clearly they would have to separate the two. Lag time etc... would affect gameplay too much.

    Who the heck would choose this thing over a controller. It looks clunky as!

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