Ghost In The Shell Live-Action Script Draft Incoming!

Steven Spielberg, filmmaker and part-time game designer, plans to make a live action version of Masamune Shirow's Ghost in the Shell futuristic cop manga. Scribe Laeta Kalogridis is hard at work on the screenplay.

At a recent Q&A for Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island (she wrote the script), Kalogridis revealed that she'll "turn in a draft in a few weeks". According to website ANN, the screenwriter was cautiously optimistic about the Hollywood adaptation, adding, "Cross your fingers, guys — [it has a]female lead."

"I can say that Ghost in the Shell was a seminal visual experience," she told last month. "It has spawned so much amazing — not just direct stuff, like the television series — but The Matrix and the evolution of cyberpunk. For me, it is an meaningful as [William Gibson's]Neuromancer."

DreamWorks has the film rights to Ghost in the Shell and plans on making the film in 3D. Kalogridis, who executive produced Avatar, replaced writer Jamie Moss, who had joined the project in 2008.

Ghost in the Shell was first published in 1989 and then turned into an anime in 1995, a animated feature sequel and two television anime. Since then it has also been made into games for the PlayStation, PS2 and PSP.

Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Script Draft in Few Weeks [Anime News Network][Pic]


    Didn't the industry learn anything from Dragonball Evolution


      You are comparing Dragonball Z to one of the best cyberpunk series ever made?

      God damn, man. That's just wrong.

        I think he is talking about the whole live action movie with DBZ. It was shocking, and chances are a live action of this will be shocking too

    i should be happy but it has americans attached to it, there gonna tank the thing

      Sorry but you'd prefer a Japanese live action movie? *shudder*

        to crap like dbz evolution and king of fighters? yes yes i would. if it was all action i might not mind but GitS is a psychological masterpiece, so just having hollywood action won't cut it

    How about leaving it in it's original glorious state! :)

      You know Hollywood, they can't do that. Everything has to be digested and turned into s**t.

    Guys, chill, really, it's Steven. If anyone has a chance of doing this right- it's him.

      Did you see the rotten fish sandwhich that was the last indiana jones movie? wasn't that steven schpeel burb? thing he's been living it up too long.

    i would be more inclined to leave in the hands of someone like Neill Blomkamp or maaybe Christopher Nolan. Michael Bay you stay away, AWAY I TELL YOU!!!

    To be honest I agree with JJ and alinos, Japanese anime should not be reproduced by America, sorry but they just don't get it right. The little thing called censorship tends to get in the way, everything that comes over has to be re-shaped to fit the values of the public, and so you wreck the feel of the show right from the off.

    That's why fan subbers rule, they just tell the story as it is (albeit with differences in translations).

    In short, hollywood's either going to get it right or flunk it. I'm thinking the second but I hope I'm wrong.

    after reading through the comments so far, i realised that no-one has commented on the hot chick on the'D TAP THAT.

    needed to be said.

    God Bless, Nicholas Corcoran.

    @lecks, that was the heartiest laugh i've ever had - thank you.

    But we all need to realise they wouldn't do a BAD job. I mean, Look at DBZ.

    Wait wait... no, bad example... C'mon... The Americans are doing Akira and that doesn't look TOO.... yeah i guess... But what about their successful transformation on Transformers into modern day.. Okay... I got nothing.

    Well Hollywood, i tried to defend you. I really did. You just gave me nothing.

    Hey, if they can make the story of Pocahontas into something big, why not Gits?

    ...Please, nothing cheesy, that Tekken movie trailer already made me feel uneasy

    Let us hope that DreamWorks will be able to handle this challenge properly. reducing the plot to another cyber cop thriller would be awesome. Ghost in the Shell deserves a great live action adaptation!

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