Giant Gundam Returns With Giant Beam Sabre

Ready to slice you up! After being erected this last winter in Tokyo's Odaiba, the life-sized Gundam statue is returning. With a beam sabre.

The huge 18m statue will be once again erected in the city of Shizuoka this July - specifically, the east exit of Japan Rail Higashi-Shizuoka Station. The beam sabre even lights up at night.

The city of Shizuoka guestimates that the statue is able to draw 900,000 visitors and 40 billion yen over the course of 300 days. The statue will also create 9600 jobs for things like security, maintenance and the like.

Why Shizuoka? The Production Factory for Bandai's Gundam plastic models are located in Shizuoka. This is a homecoming of sorts. A really, really big homecoming.

Originally, the statue went up in Tokyo's Odaiba last July for the 35th Anniversary of Gundam and was taken done in September. The statue was visited by over four million.


    Whoa! Well it should be inactive as long as they don't let any 14-year-old angst-filled loners board it.

    Beam Sabre?

    "I think George Lucas is gonna sue somebody!"

      gundam came before star wars. truth. georgie lucas should get sued if anything. this is the 35th anniversary for gundam remember.

        I'm pretty sure he was joking. You were joking right?

        It's the 30th anniversary (last year), not the 35th.

    This was awesome at Odaiba. I wish it were coming back to somewhere not so far away D:

    Is it just a statue? Or is it Japen's mightiest military deterrent, hiding in plain site....


    Very cool, but it seems BS that the Gundam would create 9600 jobs! There must be a typo or misreading going on somewhere. 9.6 jobs sounds reasonable though.

      And the 0.6 job would be a part-time one. :)

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