God Of War 101: Best Shirtless Classical Dudes Flicks

With gaming's favourite shirtless Greek, Kratos, now beating up and killing baddies in God of War III, it is time to look at some of the best shirtless guy films.

Because when you're done playing a shirtless guy, you want to watch shirtless guys.

Here is a list of five of the best classical-style epic films. They are my favourites! Not yours, mine, so don't wallow like a baby because your favourite flick isn't listed here. Man up! We're talking about shirtless dudes.


Starring Kirk Douglas, Spartacus was originally directed by Anthony Mann, but after a fallout with Douglas, Mann was axed. Mann would go on to direct his own epic El Cid. A young Stanley Kubrick was then brought on to helm the project with Douglas, who had worked with Kubrick on war film Paths of Glory, thinking he could control Kubrick. No such thing happened with Kubrick filming at a leisurely pace - until he got what he wanted. The end result? A classic and a strapping performance from Douglas. The film contained several sexually suggestive scenes that were cut from the original version of the film, but later restored.

Ben Hur

Ben Hur was a gamble. If the film had failed, it would certainly driven studio MGM into bankruptcy. It went on to become a smash hit, garnering 11 Academy Awards - the most for its day. The centre piece is the chariot race which actor Charlton Heston prepared months for (and a race in which a stuntman is rumoured to have been killed). In an age before computer graphics, the race was and still is spectacular.

Jason and the Argonauts

Two words: Ray Harryhausen. The special effects genius created some of the most memorable stop-motion work of the 20th century, such as the skeleton fight scene in Jason and the Argonauts. His last feature film was Clash of the Titans (the 1981 version). Now in his late '80s, Harryhausen is a true cinema pioneer.

Conan the Barbarian

Featuring a screenplay written by John Milius and Oliver Stone, Conan the Barbarian turned Arnold Schwarzenegger into a movie star. While interesting and even enjoyable, his previous efforts Hercules Goes Bananas and Pumping Iron weren't career sustaining. Milius, who wrote Apocalypse Now, might have brought Conan to the big screen, but the finished product differs greatly from the Robert E. Howard Conan stories.


In the wake of Sin City's big screen success, Frank Miller's 1998 graphic novel finally got the big screen treatment. It's a smorgasbord of madness and macho shirtless men.

Honourable mention:


Whether it be science-fiction robots or Demi Moore soldier girl, Ridley Scott has proven himself one of Hollywood's most versatile filmmakers. His work can be uneven, but when he hits the high notes, he hits them with the best of them. And it does it with such style. Gladiator made Russell Crowe an international superstar and helped paved the way for classical shirtless dude films like Troy (ungh) and 300 (yay). Russell Crowe does spend much of the film in armour. A shame.


    Not a movie, but every episode is an hour long. . .

    Spartacus - Blood and Sand

    Quite possibly the best show on TV right now.
    It does not hold back on any level. The violence, language sex, full frontal nudity (men and women).
    Blood flows, limbs fly. F-bombs, C-bombs. Soft core sex, mass orgies.
    And, on top of all that, brilliant acting and story telling.
    Its made by the same company that did Xena and Hercules. But do not let that fool you. This show hardcore in every sense! This aint no family tv show and wil never, NEVER, be shown on commercial TV.

    Filmed in New Zealand and a cast full of Australians and New Zealanders, including the lead character, Spartacus, played by Andy Whitfield (All Saints, Packed to the Rafters, McLeods Daughter).
    Also stars Lucy Lawless (who gets her tits out often enough).

    By the end of the gladiator battle in first episode youll be amazed.
    By the third episode youll be addicted.

    Seriously, check it out.
    It took a while to convince the wife to watch it because she was initially repulsed by the violence, but now she loves it! For her now it takes priority over My Kitchen Rules, So You Think You Can Dance, Brothers and Sisters, etc. . .

    What more can I say?

    watch gladiator again, it is a film that has not aged well.

    Also it sucks balls compared to ROME the tv series.

    Notice that, with the exception of Conan (Norse), they're all Greco-Roman? Go the Greeks! Also, Leonidas > Kratos

      Conan was Celtic, not Norse. But other than that you're right, and I agree; Leonidas > Kratos.

    Can your next one be about shirtless girls? :P jks

    Titus Pullo for Pres.

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