God Of War Collection Gets Standalone Release In April

God Of War Collection Gets Standalone Release In April

God Of War Collection Gets Standalone Release In AprilReleased in the US last year but previously only available in Australia as part of the EB-exclusive God Of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition, the God Of War Collection will see a standalone PS3 release on April 29.

You’ll pay $59.95 to play Gods Of War 1 and 2 in 1080p.

So for all three Gods Of War, that’s $169.90 if you go by the RRP. Meaning those Ultimate Trilogy Edition purchasers paid around $80 for some DLC, a soundtrack disc, an art book and the extravagant packaging.

Who gets the better deal?


  • SCEE really dropped the ball on this one. They should have released this early January to build on the GoW III hype.

    Just above everyone who had any interest in it would have imported it last year, considering SONY would never confirm a solid EU release.

    • i only heard about it when the trilogy edition was announced for AUS. but i didn’t have the money so my bro was gonna pre order it for his b-day, but he waited to long, so i ordered it online 2 weeks ago (still waiting for it now)

    • My thoughts exactly. I still havn’t played GoW2 since my primary PS3 is now a 40GB, and I don’t want to play 3 without having finished 2. By the time this comes out I have no doubt my hype for 3 will have run out.

  • To be fair, the Trilogy Edition includes not one but three soundtrack discs, which would probably go for around $20 each on their own since they’re proper 20+ track sets, not 5 track samplers. When you add the other stuff onto that, the value for money isn’t too bad provided you want the soundtracks.

    • 3 Soundtrack Discs + the Blood & Metal EP (which has 7 tracks on it own). I am totally cool with my purchase. (moreso, seeing as I had 3 games I got for free ago, used them at my local EB and got $120 for them!! Love how I know the guy at EB, who was kind enough to take them as “returns”, instead of “trade ins”)

      What I am interested in, we know that’s the RRP of the 2 items together… wonder what the price of the other announced Trilogy will be, perhaps $149… so you end up saving?

  • Yep, imported it quite a while back. Got the one with the better cover art to boot, this one just looks like a poor photoshop job.

  • ME!

    Very happy about that price point and since I missed the first two on PS2 this bundle is heading straight to the top of my ‘want’ list.

  • Pre ordered it from GAME online for $49.95. Its the same price total with postage if you order it from Playasia (asian version) or theres the US version which costs about $55 total. Its nice to know if I ever need to sell it I can without people getting b***hy about it being an asian game. Plus Im a bit broke atm so its nice to only pay $10 upfront instead of the whole $50, and pay the other $40 next month when it comes in, which is about how long it takes for play asia shippings to get to me anyway.

  • the fact that i couldn’t buy this a couple weeks back is the ONLY reason i havent bought god of war 3 yet, didnt wanna play the 3rd till i had the 1st 2… i was quite willing to buy all 3 at once, but not willing to buy 3 without 1 and 2

  • I imported it and paid more than $60 with shipping, how are you getting it for a lot less? 59.95 is an awesome deal for two of the best games ever made.

      • for $99.95 😛

        the one at carillion in perth i think sold it for that price and i was like i feel sorry for the poor sucker to pay this much, when you can import for less than half

    • My friend got that copy too, if you have a look at the reverse it says its for America and Mexico. Either way, am playing it now and definitely worth the 70, worth 90 IMO.

  • yeah, as Josh said, there’s a Trilogy set out that same day, that EB aren’t getting!
    ( for obvious reasons. ie the boxset )
    and it’ll be $110 AUD, so, lovely, i’ll get that.

  • If anyone’s after the Collection, check out PlayAsia. I ordered the Asian version this morning – it’s all in English, and has a better cover imo (though neither of them are all that great) – for a total of $50 including shipping, so it’s a bit cheaper than it’ll be here and of course you should get it sooner. Within a few hours of taking the order they had sent it on its way.


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