God Of War Community Event - Did You Win?

Well? Did ya? Ah right, it's MY job to tell YOU. Well, click through to find out!

The following commenters can bring themselves and one other to hang with two lead creatives behind God of War 3:

Michael Gleeson

Jason Ranieri



Jon Polti

Dean Longmore



Alex Lisyak

Mitchell McCausland

Ross Moir


Chris Gander


Alex Walker

If you're among the winners, send us an email with your name and your +1, so we can reply with further details. If you can, get us those by noon!

I'll also be asking both developers the winning questions prior to the event, and publishing them later. See you there!


    Shucks. Grats all

    Sweet! First thing i've won this year... well in quite a few years really. Thanks Kotaku!

    Damn. Well congrats guys!

    grats you winners you, i think my questions were a bit too full-on >_< guess thats what i get for being at AIE

      Robert - How is the Sydney AIE?
      I went to the Canberra one a few years ago. Neil Boyd was my tutor, he's in-charge there now isn't he?

    awesome .... jung you coming?


    Fantastic. Now I just wait for more details so I can get my brother to corrupt his IT office with the cool event he'll be going to :p

    Wahoooooo! I can't believe i won!

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