God Of War III Mystery Website Promises Nothing

Attaining a platinum medal in the PlayStation 3's God of War III rewards players with the address to mystery web page Spartans Stand Tall, according to multiple Kotaku readers who must have excellent God of War skills. What's it mean?

So far, we've got is this web address: http://www.godofwar.com/spartansstandtall/

It takes you to a web page that features the sights and sounds of a rainstorm, along with a quarter-filled meter in the upper right hand corner.

That is all. There's not even a countdown clock, unless we're supposed to be counting the number of raindrops.

Kotaku has asked Sony for an explanation for the site, but let's all be sceptical together about them spelling things out.

Back in 2007, a God of War countdown website revealed two things: A high-definition graphics mode in God of War II and the name of the then-forthcoming PSP game God of War: Chains Of Olympus.

Usually websites like this send gamers into a tizzy wondering what they could be teasing. But let's first explore a more fundamental question: Is this even a tease?


    Possibly someone at Sony missed that Heavy Rain is already out?

    Might be a longshot but perhaps the meter is a counter and a certain number of people have to finish to platinum before it's revealed?

      I think so too

      I find it pretty amusing that Mr Totilo didn't seem to think that the meter meant anything.

      That was my guess too! But I think that it's exactly a quarter filled still kinda makes that less possible.

    maybe the rain isn't falling but rising there is clearly land in the bottom left corner it might reveal something once all the rain drops have risen, i have not finished god of war 3 yet but i am very good at working out teasers and hidden messages i noticed if you look carefully you can make out a face when the lightning strikes. when i finish the game tomorrow i be back on and it will make more sense and i will explain what i think in more detail and what i think the is

    Also, near the dirt-patch looking thing in the bottom left hand corner, if you look above that you can make out something that looks like a 2...

    The V at the top is a metre to count the number of people who have acheived platnium trophies. that would make sense as you are onli directed to the site with obtaining one. So i assume we will find out wat the scecret is when the red ring is filled....MORE PLANTNIUM TROPHIES PLEASE!!

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