God Of War III's Ending Snipped, Might Make A Comeback Later

Spanning three excellent, bloody titles, Sony's God of War trilogy has finally come to an end with the release of God of War III. But did you know there was originally an end after the end?

Speaking with GameTrailers, Senior Producer Steve Caterson says in response to questions of whether any content from the game had been cut "Probably the hardest cut was we had a whole kind of epilogue at the end planned that we just never got... just didn't get... maybe later!"

A downloadable epilogue, perhaps? DLC is always a contentious point at the best of times, but hey, at least an epilogue makes more sense as an addition to a game you've completed than inserting random missions, ala Assassin's Creed II and Mass Effect 2.

Evolving Story Interview Part II HD [GameTrailers]


    That would be great as DLC; something like the whole Barbarian/Spartan war. For example it starts off at the start, goes through the huge battle, Kratos gets the powers from Ares and gives up his soul and then maybe ends with him killing his family. Maybe spanning 3-4 hours of gameplay or something.

      your thinking of a prologue which is the begining of a story a eplilouge comes after the main story and could also be called a conclusion

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