Gran Turismo 5 Looks Even Better In The Dark

A new trailer included in copies of God of War III gives us a teasing glance of night driving, a new addition to the generally sun-dappled world of Gran Turismo.

From what little we can see of it, Gran Turismo 5's night driving looks to be every bit as appealing as its day driving. While I'm still not that big on Sony's racing simulator, if they can combine the night driving with vehicle damage so I can brake and take out an opponent's headlights, I'll be first in line at the store.


    Uh. Maze. Ing.

    The models and environments are In bloody credible.

    I can't wait to get this game. Going to put my logitech wheel to work.

    This looks incredible but I was excited about GT5 2 years ago!!! The constant delays are becoming a joke.

    Is that pre rendering i see?!

      your mums prerendered (<<<<ps3fanboy)

    this should have been a launch title, too little too late i'm afraid.

      Why? A good game is a good game, doesn't matter when it's launched. I'm not really a GT fan anyway (only one I ever bought was the original on PS1), but I'd rather have a game that was polished to perfection rather than something rushed out to meet a console launch date.

    I just got a boner!

    Anyone else notice the 'damage' done to that Subaru rally car that is spinning out? What does this mean?

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