Gran Turismo 5 On The Move?

The initial lineup of PS3 games compatible with Sony's new Move controller was, SOCOM aside, geared heavily towards the casual user. The list of compatible games on the Move's website, however, is a little more promising.

Because amidst the Wii Sports knock-offs and proof-of-concept pieces is, surprisingly, a listing for Gran Turismo 5. Not the most obvious game to include motion sensing, but then, if you're going to shoe-horn it into a game not designed around it, you may as well do it for one that'll sell millions of copies.

Seeing not only Gran Turismo 5 but also Modnation Racers, another racer not built with the motion controller in mind, makes me wonder if I can squeeze the Move into my plastic Mario Kart wheel...

PlayStation®Move motion controller [Sony, thanks Mick!]


    I hated playing Mariokart with just the wiimote as it felt a touch sluggish. I pretty much always used the nunchuk with the analog stick as a result, I found it gave me a much greater sense of precision. Maybe it'll work better with the Move, but I can't help feeling that part of the problem is that it's not fixed to something to give you a centering point (ie. like a real steering wheel).

    That is a garbage move (pun intended), it already seems like GT5 wasn't designed to use a joypad, the controls are so sloppy.

    Why not focus on a joypad and steering wheel for the real feel, I mean guess what we use in a real car?

    To hell Sony they will forced their SUXAXIS on us, look at Lair as one example. Now Move?

    I don't want to stand around and wave my arms around for hours.

    Why not make movies more interactive, say to watch a movie everyone now has to stand and make a cranking motion continually to watch the movie.
    That would be fun.

    Leave the waggle controls to short party games.

      @Robert - calm down. You've clearly misread.

      They're not removing support for your precious, overpriced steering wheel peripherals. Nor are they inserting Dragons that control like animals instead of fighter jets.

      They're just supporting multiple control options.

      I'll admit I lol'd at the cranking action.. :D

    Are they just trying to buy more time?

      Most likely. I want them to just release the game already. None of this move crap, and none of this 3d crap and what ever else they decide to delay the game for in a year. Seriously In 2011 I don't want to be driving old 2008, 2009 and a couple of 2010 cars.

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