Grand Theft Auto IV Episodes Delayed For PS3, PC Over "Minor Content Changes"

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City for the PlayStation and PC - and their individual downloadable episodes - won't be making their previously scheduled release dates. Rockstar says the game will be delayed by two weeks to accommodate "minor content changes."

Rockstar says it is "forced" to delay the retail release and the downloadable episodes (Grand Theft Auto: The Lost & Damned and Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony) for those platforms due to "a request by Sony Europe to make some minor content changes to the PAL PS3 version of the game". The new release dates are April 13 for North America and April 16 for all other countries.

That's not too surprising, given the precedent set by Grand Theft Auto IV, which also had "minor differences between the Australian and US/EU versions." But a two week delay is a two week delay and that kind of sucks.

"We want to assure our fans that the minor changes made to the game will not affect the gamers enjoyment of the games, these will not affect any gameplay elements and were not related to any local ratings requirements," reads a statement from Rockstar.

Episodes from Liberty City Now Coming to PlayStation 3 and PC this April [Rockstar Games]


    Any idea what these "content changes" are?

    Damn Rockstar, missing all your deadlines. Dont start making a habit of this or nothing...

    It might be related to the music or whatever was left out of the 360 DLC, there was something on the disc version of the add ons that wasnt in the dlc.. which angered and enraged.

    I cant for the life of me remember what it was though, Im pretty sure it was the radio channels content.

    Removing hookers perhaps?

      That would probably count as "related to any local ratings requirements", so it is probably something else. It may instead be something to do with localisation.

    Damn, I wonder if the PAL PS3 content will work with my US version of GAT IV. I'm thinking probably not.

      If you get the disc version it shouldn't matter, right? That version doesn't need a copy of the original to run so it shouldn't matter what version of GTA4 you have.

    wasnt there nudity (male ewww) in the xbox version? perhaps sony want that out. If thats the case, im all for it.

    i was waiting soo long for this game i cant believe there taking another two weeks of our time

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