Green Day: Rock Band Full Of Dookie, American Idiot

Green Day: Rock Band Full Of Dookie, American Idiot

Retailer is apparently confirming (or re-confirming) 27 tracks from the upcoming Green Day: Rock Band, noting that two of the punk band’s albums, 1994’s Dookie and 2004’s American Idiot, will be included in the game “in their entirety”.

MTV Games and Harmonix have officially confirmed a handful of songs for the Green Day-based Rock Band title, due in June, but if’s listing is right, that’s 23 tracks we weren’t quite sure of. Eventually, we’d assume that just about everything from the Green Day catalogue will make its way to Rock Band, but it’s good to know that we’ll be getting two of the band’s better albums in the package.

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  • I only just got the orignal Rock Band/ Guitar and Im thinking of selling it. Its just not my thing, but I like to try everything. I could work on my hand eye co ordination to make it better but eh!

  • This looks like the clincher for me, not only will it have the band’s old stuff, but I’ll be able to play though the nearly 10 minute long tracks from American Idiot.

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