Guess How Many Copies Of Final Fantasy XIII Are Out There

Go on. Guess. Or, if you don't feel like guessing, read on to see the shipment figures for Final Fantasy XIII Square Enix released overnight.

With two million units shipped in Japan since the game's release there in December and three million sent to stores in the West for its release here this week, that gets us to five million. Oh, and in doing so, gets the entire series to 96 million.

Of course, that's five million shipped, not sold, but at this stage you'd have to imagine those two numbers are pretty close.


    Considering it was declared sold out by numerous EBs around Queensland... back in early Febuary... I'm pretty confident that those two numbers are stupidly close together...
    but 96million... woah... that roughly translates to every one in 6 people around the world having a legit copy of a final fantasy game. not to mention all the illegal copies floating around... impressive.

      um 96million is not 1/6th of over 6 billion people

      It's actually 1 in 60... but still impressive. Can't wait to become part of this statistic.

    Erm. Okay so 2mill in japan... and they had that massive clearance sale just about everywhere (featured in an article somewhere on this site) because shops over ordered.

    Then 3mill in the west, I'm assuming that does encompass Australia, Europe, UK and America, I couldn't imagine why it wouldn't.

    So that means there's... slim to no chance of me finding a copy of FFXIII half price any time soon.


    It may be 2 million shipped in Japan but it won't reach that any time soon. FFXIII seemed like a total dud in Japan. Fell off the charts almost instantly.

    Lucky I reserved my copy at Target, it was the last one left!

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