Guess Which Nintendo Game Spore's Creator Plays Most In His Life

Speaking to a packed house at the conclusion of the Game Developers Conference this weekend, famed game developer Will Wright told the crowd he plays a Nintendo game everyone morning to kick off his day.

Every morning, Wright said, he gets up and has a cup of coffee.

"While I drink my coffee I pull out my DS and play Advance Wars," he said. "I've played that game more than any other in my life. I love Advance Wars, it lets me relax while I spin up my brain."

Wright said it takes about 15 minutes of Advance Wars play to boot up his brain every morning.


    I like this man now. Advance wars is the only rts i can handle (apart from dota).

    Advance wars f*cking kicks ass.

    Days of Ruin didn't have that constant theme that the other 3 had, but it was a good attempt at making the series more serious.

    I want more of them, MOAR.

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