Halo Creators Have Been Hitting The Mountain Dew

It's understandable that game creators hold their franchises dear and think the world of them. But Bungie's hopes for the upcoming Halo: Reach might be going a little too far.

Speaking with Industrygamers, Bungie's Brian Jarrard has revealed he has some high hopes for the latest Halo game. High hopes indeed.

"Are there more stories to be told in the Halo universe? Absolutely. Do I think Reach will be the biggest game ever and probably attract an even larger audience to the fan community? Yes, I actually do. I would think that the marketplace for a movie would be more ripe post Reach than it even was after Halo 3, so I'm willing to bet that it's not a matter of if, just when," he told the website.

"I'm just speculating here since it's Microsoft's decision, but looking at how Halo Legends went and the release of that animated feature, definitely there's demand for it, and I do applaud them for not rushing into it and waiting until they find the right people and the right creative ideas and the right time frame. I think all of us at Bungie would love to see the right movie still get made with the right people; we're just going to have to wait and see, just like all of our fans!"

Looks like somebody didn't get the memo, where it was spelled out that annual spin-offs of the franchise (not to mention the absence of hero Master Chief) have diluted many people's interest in the Halo series. Sure, Reach will sell a few million, and may well be fantastic, but biggest game in the series? Big enough to get a movie made when Halo 3 and Peter Jackson couldn't? That might be pushing it.

Halo: Reach Should Make a Halo Movie More Likely, says Bungie [Industrygamers]


    BIG Halo fan but i don't believe Reach will be the biggest...

    it will sell more than a few million - thats being very naive for a video-game journalist. It will no doubt be more successful than ODST (and Halo 1).

    I predict its critical acclaim to be higher than ODST but maybe not Halo 3.

    I don't think its the Master Chief part that will prevent Halo Reach from being bigger than Halo 3 - i guess it's a prequel, not part of the main trilogy, lack of hype so far. We know what happens... the reason why Halo 3 was SO EFFING BIG was that its was the first Halo title on the 360 and we wanted to know what happened from the Halo 2 Cliffhanger.

    Eh either way i just cannot wait to play the bloody game!

    Halo Legends....

    man, man....MANNNNNN!!1!1

    Excluding Origins I & II, it was terribad.

      'The Babysitter' and 'Homecoming' were great, not just visually, they had decent story-lines to boot.

        'homecoming' had an interesting story to tell but the terrible voice acting/script meant i couldn't take it seriously.

    Big call, MW2 has almost outsold Halo3 on 360 alone in less than six months. Not entirely fair as ODST's five million sales would have watered down some Halo3 sales due to the bundled multi, but still.

    *Stated for future reference*
    Halo: Reach WILL be the biggest Halo game in the series yet. I can't wait for the day I can say "I told you so."

      Biggest Halo game ever: probably, biggest GAME ever, probably not

    I think it will be the biggest by a long shot, people have been waiting to play a spartan again, and there are people like me who really enjoyed Halo 1 & 2 but not 3 so much , and didn't think 3 looked remarkably better. Halo reach looks amazing by comparison, the multiplayer looks amazing. I think anyone who bought the original Halo will come back for reach, and the multiplayer will attract new fans to the franchise.

    I'll put my balls on the line and state that my vote goes to it selling more than any previous Halo title.

    As to the movie though... can't say that seems likely for a major feature release, a straight to video type thing perhaps...

    Yeah, I suspect that if Microsoft get their stuff together and run a couple of really good TV ads (which for their figurehead franchise, they really should be doing), then it will sell better than their previous Halo titles. It just needs a bit more hype into the reach of semi-casual players.

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