Halo Fans In For "Something Big" This Week, Bungie Teases

A "mysterious image," as seen on the official Bungie Twitter today, with "word that something big is dropping this week." A dangerous tease to make during the week of April Fools Day.


    Master Chief is Lady GA GA?

      That actually would explain quite a bit about both of them... o_0

      Master Chief is Samus Aran.

    For April Fools events, you can't take your eyes off blizzard's website. Some of the best April Fools news releases on the net.

      Agreed Ross, They are always my favorite... Although last year they went a tad over the top :P

    My first thought when I saw this image on twitter is that it is for a movie (not necessarily a feature but some short film like they did for Halo 3) as it is clearly not in engine.

    Then I remembered the date....

    It's most likely a damn April Fools Prank.

    Waste of potential.

    maybe the april fools prank is to trick everyone into thinking it IS an april fools prank, when it actually isn't...

    Seriously...does anyone still give a shit about Halo?

    Reach Legendary edition.

    Glad that they are bringing Halo to new levels. If this is a movie, maybe the Halo-Hating douchebags will finally shut up, unless the movie is directed by Uwe Boll, then Halo's screwed.

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