Halo: Reach Beta Footage Looks Like A Blast

Earlier this week, Bungie said it would be "dropping a multiplayer bomb". It appears a Taiwanese site has dropped that bomb a little early, with the leak of what looks a lot like a new trailer for the game.

Now, this may be an elaborate hoax, but if it is, it's a cruel one. Because this looks like a pleasant step up from Halo's current multiplayer system. Stab moves, jet packs, plenty of explosions... yeah, this is nice.

Nice, but is it real? It might be a fake. Then again, it might be a "release" on the part of Bungie disguised as a "leak". You never know these days. Hopefully we'll find out which later today.

Update: It's official, Bungie just released it on their site.

最後一戰:瑞曲之戰》多人模式封測宣傳影片全球同步釋出 [Gamer]


    Hopefully this keeps me more entertained than Halo 3 did, and that somehow my "Road to Recon" wasn't a complete waste. I also hope Elites are more tempting to play this time, we don't need another 99% of playbase as Spartans again...

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