Halo: Reach Matchmaking Needs Your Help To Be Better

Bungie is making some important and dramatic changes to multiplayer matchmaking in Halo: Reach, with a revamped set of online options that cater to the hardcore (see Arena mode) and new social settings that improve everyone else's experience.

Shacknews has a comprehensive look at Halo: Reach's multiplayer side, which includes "Arena Playlists" targeted at the hardest of hardcore Halo players. Players competing in Slayer and Team Slayer playlists in the Arena will be ranked and placed in monthly skill divisions, a chance to compete with the best but still find matches at your level.

There are still options for the less serious and more casual Halo player in Reach's multiplayer mode, where players can play non-hardcore gametypes like Rocket Race.

While much of Bungie's work on Halo: Reach multiplayer appears to be on streamlining the process of getting in and out of games, some matchmaking work is left up to the player in the game's Social Settings.

Those options include basic settings like connection rate and language, but also give players an opportunity to define their online gaming personality. Social preferences, including a player's tone (Polite vs Rowdy) and motivation (Winning vs. Having Fun), should make Halo: Reach multiplayer a better experience for your Spartan style.

The full rundown is, as we said, comprehensive. Read up in advance of the beta so you know what you're getting yourself into.

Bungie Reveals Halo: Reach Matchmaking and Social Features [Shacknews]


    Its been said a million times before. . . and it will be said a million times again. . .

      I'll second that, the little matchmaking population map shows that they have some concept of locality, so why not use it?

      But I do tend to be put into Halo3 games with australians.

      I'm not sure how motivation, chattiness and tone settings will work out as that is pretty much the function of general gamerzone, which nobody takes seriously.

        I assume the motivation / chattiness / tone etc will be strick enforcements opposed to just guidelines like the gamerzone.

        As in, people 'playing for fun' will have priority to play together opposed to mixing people who are 'playing for fun' and 'playing to win'.

        Its definitely a great idea, we'll see how it actually pans out though.

          Maybe it's going to actually be implemented in Xbox Live? There are some new features coming once the old service is decommissioned, perhaps this is one.

          Xbox Live was pretty much pioneered by Halo2, so Halo:Reach can be trusted as authoritative and times right with the old service decommission/Reach beta launch.

        in halo 3 you could select "Best Connection" which i assume placed you with other locals.

      They had this in Halo 2 and 3

      um pretty sure Halo 3 has a form of Local Only search, hit X for matchmaking preferences it has Good Connection or something like that which only Pairs me up with Aussies, most of the time i get automatched with them anyways... and then yeah theres the time where i wish Polite Only was an Option

    Put your settings to 'polite' and youll never be matched to an American. EVER!

      HAHAHAHA +1

      Halo: Reach already looks better than MW2 - but then again screenshots and an announcement alone wins in that category.

      I'm pretty sure Halo 3 had Local Search. It's been quite some time since i was in Halo mood - but i am 90% sure it had it. So whats with all the bitchiness - i'm sure Reach will have it.

      If it's one thing Bungie does, among many other things, is that they treasure their fans and the loyalty they have for Bungie. If it ships without Local Search, not doubt they will eventually add it, if enough pledge for it. I have faith it will have Local Search anyway.

      I want more hype for Halo: Reach, it feels so, non-existent at the moment compared to the hype for Halo 2 or Halo 3 a year before their respected releases.

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