Heavy Rain Film Rights Optioned Long Ago

Heavy Rain was announced way, way back at E3 2006, which was the week of May 8. One week after the show, May 15, 2006, the U.S. Copyright Office recorded an option for the film rights to the game.

The option, re-filed in 2007, is between Quantic Dream chief David de Gruttola and New Line Productions. By itself it doesn't mean Heavy Rain is coming to a theatre near you soon. Short form options are simply a notice that the rights to produce an adapted work have already been granted. It's largely a procedural matter, one that sets for the record who owns what rights.

But it's fascinating to see that, so shortly after the game went public, Quantic Dream had a Hollywood option for the game. It means they were either in talks well before this, or there are (or were) Hollywood types roaming E3 with orders to snap up rights to promising-looking games. Hollywood has tons of money, and options are often bought up as a hedge, comparatively cheaply, very early in a work's life cycle. Because they get hellaciously expensive when they get popular. So the latter scenario's somewhat plausible, too.

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    I wonder if they realised Heavy Rain was going to be an interactive movie when they decided to take the option.

    I mean, they couldn't possibly do anything with the setting other than show a single play through of the game without any room for player choices, or do something that bears no resemblance to Heavy Rain and try to cash in on the name, but I don't see the Heavy Rain audience buying in to that.

      I was saying the exact thing to my girlfriend yesterday before I saw this news story.. thinking, no doubt someone would want to option the Heavy Rain game into a movie.. but the game is trying so hard to be a movie.. and on a level of interactivity that no film could match. As a film it'd just be a generic mystery/thriller/saw hybrid.

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